PhD Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities

Students pursuing our innovative program have the opportunity to collaborate across disciplines and engage with a vibrant community of inquiry.

“Our program is very strong, dynamic, and successful, thanks to our talented students who bring to their experience, in courses and in research, a wide array of disciplinary and interdisciplinary backgrounds and perspectives. This, combined with the expertise of participating faculty members, generates exciting and original work that is putting our students on the map.”

— Dr. Christine Daigle, Graduate Program Director

“The Interdisciplinary Humanities doctoral program is the best fit for my research project because it provides me with the ability to connect with the three disciplines that my study is grounded in while at the same time supporting the interdisciplinary spirit of the project. Brock University has the unique combination of a gender studies, film studies, and philosophy department that is interconnected by a single doctoral program. Therefore, there are opportunities to gain valuable experience as both a student in a wide selection of graduate courses as well as a teaching assistant across a variety of disciplines. I am quite confident there is no other program like it – anywhere else.”

— Terrance McDonald, Alumni

“I chose the Interdisciplinary Humanities program at Brock University because my research interests transcend the traditional fields of history, political science, philosophy and cultural studies. Instead, this program allows me to engage in research and discussion on theories from new and different perspectives. The program also hosts professors and researchers from different academic backgrounds, which has allowed me to examine the intersections of the traditional fields.”

— Paul Williams, PhD Candidate