Choreographer Monica Dottor (left) and Brock swimmer Ashley Falconer develop choreography for Circus on the Canal, a creative research project by Karen Fricker, Associate Professor of Dramatic Arts at Brock.

The Canada Games provides an excellent starting point for Humanities students, researchers, and creatives to think critically about sports and major sporting events, how sports shape and are shaped by culture, society, and politics, and how these events are remembered and commemorated.

Through experiential learning opportunities across the Faculty, students are engaging with sports history and culture in Niagara, Canada, and around the globe. They are learning to think critically about the sporting stories that are told, how they are told, and whose voices are being prioritized.

Two Days of Canada: Canada at Play (Conference, March 25-26, 2022)

CANA 2P82 Culture and Power in Canada II: Cultural Institutions (Brian deRuiter)

Circus on the Canal: Exploring the connections between water sports and circus performance (Dr. Karen Fricker)

FREN 4P05 French Internship (Dr. Jean Ntakirutimana)

FREN 4V21 Documentation and Terminology (Dr. Jean Ntakirutimana)

Digitizing the photographic legacy of the Canada Games (Dr. Elizabeth Vlossak)

HIST 3F02: Making History in Niagara (Dr. Elizabeth Vlossak)

IASC 2P98 and IASC 3P99 Medal Reveal Display (Dr. Jason Hawreliak and Dr. David Hutchison)

Using video, 3D modelling and animation, students in Interactive Arts & Science and GAME created a digital artifact highlighting six medals from previous Canada Summer Games, with particular focus on the Canada Summer Games 2022 medal design. The finished product was exhibited at the Canada Summer Games Medal Reveal event in April 2022.

Starting at Love: (Re)Discovering Tennis as a Lifelong Sport– A Tennis Story with Gianluca Agostinelli (webinar co-hosted with Centre for Sport Capacity)

ITAL/CANA 2P98 Italians in Canada and Italy- Canada Relations (Teresa Russo)

MARS/ENGL 2P95 Reading the Middle Ages: The Heroic and Chivralic (Teresa Russo)

The topic Sports in the Middle Ages was chosen for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 to coincide with the university’s celebration of the Canada Games in Niagara. The class conference provides every student with a presentation entry on their resumes. Student research papers will also be featured on the course website.

STAC 3V91 Sports in Arts and Culture (Andrew Tye)

From paintings of the Olympiads in Antiquity, to the photography of today’s sports events, through to the history of popular street games in Canadian art, music, festivals and opening ceremonies at the games, aesthetic gymnastics and athletic performances. An Interdisciplinary approach to the representation of sports and sport events in the arts, the course has an emphasis on Canadian production.

Tewaaraton. Lacrosse / La crosse (Small Walker Press, 2022) (Dr. Catherine Parayre)

Authors and artists from different backgrounds (Mohawk, Métis, francophone and anglophone settlers) present lacrosse through art and literary writing. Sharing cultures in the spirit of the Canada Games, Tewaaraton reflects our diversity.

Movement Across the Waterway (Dr. Amy Friend)

Painted Turtles (Dr. Donna Szoke)

Painted Turtles forges and fosters a connection between the 2022 Canada Games, local community, and local turtle conservancy. Donna Szoke works with youth to share how art raises awareness about endangered turtles and the environment.

Painted Turtles. Grade 2 student colouring / animation cell. 4K animation, 2022. (Donna Szoke)