Welcome to Foreword! Our Faculty podcast introduces you to Humanities researchers at Brock and explores how their work can help us make sense of the rapidly changing world around us.

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We’ll be talking with people from across the Faculty to learn what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and why it matters.

Over the course of four series (and counting!) we explore everything from video games to Vikings, from posthumanism to populism, literature, and photography.

Our experts come from our faculty and graduate students in Canadian Studies, Classics and Archaeology, Digital Humanities, English Language and Literature, History, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Modern Languages and Cultures, Philosophy, Dramatic Arts, Music, Studies in Arts and Culture, and Visual Arts.

Special episodes feature conversations with our alumni and content created by our students.

Join us as we ask some big questions and get some even bigger answers.

Transcripts for series one to three are available as PDF files. Series four transcripts are available as subtitles on each episode’s PodBean page.

S3 Trailer
S3E01 Finding a Homosexual Subculture in Ancient Athens
S3E02 Disability, Difference, and Deinstitutionalization in Ontario
S3E03 Place and Displacement
S3E04 Talking About Food
S3E05 Breaking Into the Game Industry

S4 Trailer
S4E01 Monsters Are People, Too
S4E02 War Crimes, Genocides, and Conspiracies
S4E03 Childhood in Ancient Rome
S4E04 Short Stories and Canadian Masculinity
S4E05 Archives and Special Collections
S4E06 Following Eliza Fenwick
S4E07 Luxury
S4E08 Research Creation
S4E09 Getting Lost in Mackenzie Chown
S4E10 Bonus
S4E11 Bonus

Foreword is hosted and produced by Alison Innes for the Faculty of Humanities at Brock University.

Special thanks to Hayley Wilhelm for her work on our series one bonus episode.

Our sound design and editing for series one and four is by Serena Atallah. Series two is by Nicole Arnt; Series three is by Mitch Kogan. Theme music is by Khalid Imam.

Thank you to Brock University’s MakerSpace and Brock University Marketing and Communications for studio space and web support.

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