Faculty of Humanities Distinguished Service Award

Nomination Guidelines and Award Conditions


The Faculty of Humanities Distinguished Service Award is an internal award that recognizes the significant impact the nominee’s service activities have had on the University, the Faculty of Humanities and community.

Service is defined in the Collective Agreement between Brock University and the Brock University Faculty Association as:

participation in University, Faculty, Departmental and Union committees; counselling students on academic matters; service on and recognition by regional, national and international committees and other organizations; including: professional organizations; general administrative duties and administrative duties unique to a candidate’s Faculty; community service in which the individual has made an essentially non-remunerative contribution by virtue of special academic competence; and administrative and non-teaching/research responsibilities within the University and the Union. (Article 24.02.c)


2022: Athena V. Colman, Department of Philosophy
2021: Natalee Caple, Department of English Language and Literature
2020: David Vivian, Department of Dramatic Arts
2019: Jason Hawreliak, Department of Digital Humanities


Full-time members of the Faculty of Humanities are eligible. There will be two awards given: one for a junior faculty member, and one for a senior faculty member.

  1. Junior faculty: untenured, full-time faculty with a minimum of two years of service at Brock.
  2. Senior faculty: tenured faculty at Brock.

A nomination shall remain in competition for two years. Unsuccessful nominees may withdraw their application from consideration for the second year or may update their dossiers. After two competitions, unsuccessful nominees may be renominated through the usual nomination process.

Submission deadline

March 1 of each year by 4:30 pm (no exceptions). If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, then nominations will be accepted on next business day by 4:30 pm (no exceptions).

Nomination Procedures

Faculty members are to be nominated by two members of the Faculty of Humanities at Brock. The completed nomination form and the supporting documentation listed on page 3 of the Nomination Form should be submitted electronically to the Dean, Faculty of Humanities.


Nominations will be adjudicated by a selection committee comprised of the immediate past recipient of the award, and a minimum of one faculty member and one staff member. The Committee recommends to the Dean, Faculty of Humanities, one or more of the nominees for the award, but it is not obliged to recommend any in a given year. The Dean, Faculty of Humanities, will make the final decision in consultation with the committee.

Adjudication Criteria

Significant impact the nominee’s service activities have had on the University, the Faculty of Humanities and community.