Dean’s message

Welcome to Brock University, and the Faculty of Humanities. An exploration of these pages and those linked to it will reveal to you the variety of exciting courses, stellar research, and unique opportunities that our Faculty and University have to offer. By choosing to study the Humanities, and to study them at Brock, you’ll be entering a community of teachers and learners with a sense of common mission. You’ll also be setting yourself up for a successful future in any endeavours you may wish to pursue.

As well as being Dean of this Faculty, I am also a Professor of Latin Language and Literature (yes, we teach Latin at Brock, along with many other languages!). That’s why I am especially pleased that our University’s motto is the Latin word Surgite, reported to be the final word of our namesake, Major General Sir Isaac Brock, when he fell at the Battle of Queenston Heights in the War of 1812.

As a Latinist, I’d like to parse out the word Surgite: it means “push on”, “rise up”, “go forward”. The fact that this is our motto says a lot about our University: we keep on going, even when things are difficult, and because of that we accomplish great things.

Surgite is also, in form, a command. It allows for no options, and no excuses. And that, too, is symptomatic of Brock University. We keep on working, and improving, and moving forward.

The form of Surgite is a plural; it’s addressed to a group of people. And this, too, reflects our University culture: we are a community, and we move forward together, leaving none of our cohort behind. This means that, at Brock, you can rely on your group to help see you through when things get tough.

The Humanities are the studies that illuminate and, we hope, improve the human condition. Studying them is a noble pursuit that pays off in both tangible and intangible ways. And Brock is the best place to pursue them, because of our community spirit and our dedication to striving and achieving.

Look around our website; learn about our teaching and research, and contact us! We’d be happy to hear from you!

Carol U. Merriam, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Humanities