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Stephen M. Emrich
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (U. of Toronto)

Office: MC B336
Phone: (905)688-5550 ext.6181

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Visual Cognitive Neuroscience
- visual working memory
- attention
- conscious perception
- capacity limitations
- fMRI
- pattern classification

The overall objective of my research is to examine how the brain processes visual information. In particular, I am interested in understanding how it is that neural activity can give rise to conscious perception. To address this question, my research focuses on the limited nature of visual short-term (working) memory and attention, as well as by examining how these capacity-limited processes may support conscious perception. My research also explores the ways in which visual short-term memory and attention interact in everyday tasks (e.g., visual search). To answer these questions, I use a combination of behavioural methods, neuroimaging (fMRI), and electrophysiological methods (EEG/ERPs).


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Emrich, S.M., Riggall, A.C., LaRocque, J.J., & Postle, B.R. (2013). Distributed patterns of activity in sensory cortex reflect the precision of multiple items maintained in visual short-term memory. Journal of Neuroscience. 33(15), 6516-6523.

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Emrich, S.M. & Ferber, S. (2012). Competition during encoding increases binding errors in visual working memory. Journal of Vision. 12(4):12, 1-6.

Emrich, S.M., Burianová, H. & Ferber, S. (2011). Transient perceptual neglect: Visual working memory load affects conscious object perception. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 23(10), 2968-82.

Emrich, S.M., Al-Aidroos, N., Ferber, S. & Pratt, J. (2010). Finding memory in search: The effect of visual working memory load on visual search. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 63(8), 1457-1466. 

Emrich, S.M., Al-Aidroos, N., Pratt, J. & Ferber, S. (2009). Visual search elicits the electrophysiological marker of visual working memory. PLoS ONE, 4(11): e8042.






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