People in the Department

Administration and Staff

Kimberly Cote
Department Chair & Professor
Office: MC B319
905-688-5550 x4806

Michael Busseri
Graduate Program Director & Associate Professor
Office: MC B316
905-688-5550 x4798

Caitlin Mahy
Undergraduate Program Director & Associate Professor
Office: MC B324
905-688-5550 x6151

Kirsti van Dorsser
Department Administrator
Office: MC B328
905-688-5550 x5683

Tommy Nguyen
Technical Analyst
Office: MC B410
905-688-5550 x3959

Lindsay Grifa
Graduate Administrative Coordinator
Office: MC B326
905-688-5550 x3543

Linda DiRaddo
Administrative Assistant
Office: MC B327
905-688-5550 x4623

Tammy Stewart
Department Coordinator/PSYC 1F90
Office: MC B310
905-688-5550 x5048

Joanne Boekestyn
Administrative Coordinator
Office: MC B326
905-688-5550 x3542


Karen Arnell
Office: MC B333
905 688 5550 x3225

Michael Ashton
Office: MC B323
905 688 5550 x3993

Kathy Belicki
Office: MC E217
905 688-5550 x3873

Angela Book
Associate Professor & Associate Dean, Undergraduate
Office: MC B330
905 688-5550 x5223

Michael Busseri
Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director
Office: MC B316
905 688-5550 x4798

Karen Campbell
Assistant Professor & Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging
Office: MC B317
905 688 5550 x4281

Kimberly Cote
Office: MC B319
905 688-5550 x4806

Andrew Dane
Associate Professor
Office: MC B332
905 688 5550 x4805

Veena Dwivedi
Associate Professor
Office:  MC B331
905 688-5550 x5389

Stephen Emrich
Associate Professor
Office: MC B336
905 688 5550 x6181

Angela Evans
Associate Professor
Office: MC B321
905 688-5550 x5367

Dawn Good
Associate Professor
Office: MC B308
905 688 5550 x3869

Carolyn Hafer
Office: MC B306
905 688-5550 x4297

William Hall
Assistant Professor
Office: MCB 315
905 688 5550 x 4005

Gordon Hodson
Office: MC B307
905 688 5550 x5127

Caitlin Mahy
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Program Director
Office: MC B324
905 688 5550 x6151

Tanya Martini
Office: MC B305
905 688-5550 x3086

Cheryl McCormick
Office: MC B314
905 688 5550 x3700

John Mitterer
Office: MC B305
905 688-5550 x3459

Cathy Mondloch
Office: MC B320
905 688 5550 x5111

Cameron Muir
Associate Professor
Office: MC B334
905 688-5550 x4681

Tim Murphy
Office: MC B325
905 688 5550 x4639

Linda Rose-Krasnor
Office: MC B311
905 688 5550 x3870

Sidney J. Segalowitz
Office: PL 600E
905 688-5550 x5446 

Elizabeth Shulman
Assistant Professor
Office: MC B313
905 688 5550 x4084

Sabrina Thai 
Assistant Professor
Office: MCB 306
905-688-5550 x4112

Teena Willoughby
Office: PL519
905 688-5550 x5474

Part-time Instructors

Julie Baker

Martin Dragan

Ashley Hosker-Field

Kirk Stokes

Associate Faculty

Tony Bogaert
Health Sciences

Gary Libben
Applied Linguistics

Antonia Mantonakis

Gary Pickering
Biological Sciences

Tony Volk
Child & Youth Studies

Adjunct Faculty

Marie Good

Michelle Jetha

Chrissy Lackner

Don McCreary

Danielle Molnar

Lindsay Short

Abbie Coy
Office: Plaza 628A

Malvina Skorska
Office: MC B217

Professor Emeritus