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Mailing Address
Department of Psychology
Brock University
Niagara Region
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
St. Catharines, ON
L2S 3A1

General Inquiries
905-688-5550 x5050

Fax: 905-688-6922
Main Office: MC B326/327
Many of our research labs are located on the fifth and sixth floors of the Plaza Building.

Dean’s Office
Faculty of Social Sciences 

Department Chair
Kimberly Cote, Professor
Office: MC B319
905-688-5550 x4806

Graduate Program Director
Michael Busseri, Associate Professor
Office: MC B316
905-688-5550 x4798

Undergraduate Program Director
Caitlin Mahy, Associate Professor
Office: MC B324
905-688-5550 x6151

Department Administrator
Kirsti van Dorsser
Office: MC B328
905-688-5550 x5683

Academic Advisor
Carole Moss
Office: MC B322
905-688-5550 x5391

Graduate Administrative Coordinator
Lindsay Grifa
Office: MC B326
905-688-5550 x3543

Administrative Assistant
Linda DiRaddo
Office: MC B327
905-688-5550 x4623

Department Coordinator, PSYC 1F90
Tammy Stewart
Office: MC B310
905-688-5550 x5048

Administrative Coordinator
Joanne Boekestyn
Office: MC B326
905-688-5550 x3542