Faculty Research Interests

The following is a list of faculty members in the Psychology Department who may be available to supervise M.A. and or Ph.D. students who will enter the program in September 2023. The application deadline is December 15, 2022 for September 2023 admission. Clicking on the faculty name will take you to individual pages with contact information, expanded research interests, and recent publications. We have also provided keywords for research interests to help you in your search to identify possible supervisors, and links to lab websites where available.

Core Psychology FacultyAvailable to supervise students starting September 2024GRE RecommendedResearch interestsLab website
Karen ArnellYesNoattention; dual task; distraction; individual differences; emotion; EEG & ERPsVisit lab website
Michael AshtonNoN/Apersonality structure and assessment; other individual differences
Angela BookNoN/Aforensic; psychopathy; victim selection
Michael BusseriYesNosubjective well-being; temporal self-appraisals; lifespan developmentVisit lab website
Karen CampbellYesNoaging, attention; memory; fMRI; EEG/ERPs; effective & functional connectivity; eye-trackingVisit lab website
Kimberly CoteYesNosleep; performance and cognition; EEG and ERPsVisit lab website
Andrew DaneYesNochildren & adolescents aggression; problem gambling; parenting; temperament
Paula Duarte-GutermanYesNobehavioural neuroscience in rodents, hormones, metabolism, parental experience, environment, adult neurogenesis and plasticity, aging, learning and memoryVisit lab website
Veena DwivediYesN/Abehavioural and electrophysiological investigations of language, especially with respect to sentence processingVisit lab website
Stephen EmrichYesNocognitive neuroscience; visual working memory; attention; perception; ERPs; fMRIVisit lab website
Angela EvansYesNodevelopment of deception behaviours; interviewing children; social-cognitive development; executive functioningVisit lab website
William HallYesN/Adiversity; inclusion; genderVisit lab website
Gordon HodsonNoN/Aintergroup relations; prejudice; stereotyping; discrimination, personality, individual differences; intergroup contact, dehumanization; disgust; anxiety, empathyVisit lab website
Caitlin MahyYesYesdevelopment of prospective memory; children’s episodic future thinking; executive functioning;  theory of mind; lifespan developmentVisit lab website
Cheryl McCormickYesNodevelopmental neuroendocrinology in rodents; sex hormones; stress hormones; aggressive behaviour; drugs of abuse; social behaviour; adolescent & pubertal development. Cheryl also accepts graduate students through the Biology program. Please contact her if you would like to be considered for acceptance in the Biology grad program or the Psychology program.Visit lab website
Catherine MondlochYesNoface recognition; emotional expressions; perceptual development; perceiving in- versus out-group faces; attentional mechanisms; lifespan development.Visit lab website
Cameron MuirYesYesbehavioural neuroendocrinology; reproductive and stress physiology
Tim MurphyYesNosleep deprivation; ERPs; risk assessment; performance monitoringVisit lab website
Scott NeufeldNoN/AStigma, Substance Use, Housing, Identity Representations, Community-Based Qualitative Research
Gary PickeringYesNopsychophysics; taste, olfaction; genetics of chemosensory perception; wine
Charlis RainekiYesNoearly-life adversity, prenatal alcohol exposure, mental health, neurobehavioral development, immune function, stress.Visit lab website
Elizabeth ShulmanYesYesadolescent development; psychosocial maturation; reward sensitivity; risk-taking; decision-making; juvenile justiceVisit lab website
Sabrina ThaiYesNosocial comparison; close relationships; experience sampling methodologyVisit lab website
Teena WilloughbyYesNoadolescent development; resilience; risk taking; academic underachievement; mental health