Caitlin Mahy

Professor, Ph.D. (Oregon)

Caitlin Mahy, Psychology, Brock University

Office: MC B324
905 688 5550 x6151

Developmental Psychology

  • development of prospective memory
  • children’s episodic future thinking
  • executive functioning
  • theory of mind
  • lifespan development

I study cognitive development across the lifespan with a focus on the development of future-oriented cognition and the influence that executive functioning and social understanding have on these abilities. I use experimental methods to study the development of prospective memory, defined as the ability to remember to carry out an action in the future, as well as the factors that influence prospective memory performance in early childhood and in aging.

I am especially interested in the role of executive functioning in their prospective memory performance. Additionally, I study how children project themselves into future scenarios and the factors that contribute to the difficulty that young children have with thinking about their future self.

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