Cheryl McCormick

Professor, Ph.D. (McMaster) & Canada Research Chair in Neuroscience

Cheryl McCormick, Psychology, Brock University

Office: MC B314
905 688 5550 x3700

My research interests are in the fields of behavioural neuroscience and developmental neuroendocrinology. I investigate how environmental experiences (e.g., exposure to social stressors, hormones, malnutrition) either prenatally, neonatally, or during adolescence, alter cognitive and emotional behaviour in adulthood in laboratory rats.

I also investigate the physiological and neurochemical underpinnings of the effects of early life experiences, as well as how the early experiences alter the animal’s vulnerability to addictive drugs. Related research areas of mine are the investigation sex differences in the effects of early experiences, and how the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal stress response is influenced by the actions of sex hormones in the brain.

A third research interest is how hormones (testosterone, cortisol, estradiol) influence neuropsychological function in people.