Research Participation (SONA)


SONA Systems has produced a Participant Tutorial Video to help participants find their way around our research site.  We highly recommend this video to all new participants:

1) If you are a PSYC 1F90 student:

Please see the research participation guidelines found in your course manual. If you have any questions about the PSYC 1F90 research participation requirements, please contact Tammy Stewart, the PSYC 1F90 coordinator, at

2) If you would like to participate in research and you are NOT a PSYC 1F90 student:

Any student at Brock as well as anyone in the community is welcome to participate in our research studies. Click here to view available studies.

In order to view available studies, you must create your own account login (see the right side of your screen where it says “Request Account”. You will be asked to give your name and email address and to create a login name. Once you have completed this information, press the “request account” button and you will receive your login information via email.

If you do not receive your login information: If you are using a hotmail, cogeco or other host email account you must check your junk mailbox. When you sign up for an account on SONA, it will automatically email you your login information. In many cases your email host will not recognize “SONA” and your spamware will send the email directly to your junk mailbox. Look for this email and then direct your email account to “allow” future messages from SONA so that they will be directed into your “inbox”.


To post a study to SONA:

If you would like your study posted to the Psychology Research Pool website (SONA) read the guidelines, complete the application form, and follow the instructions for submitting the application.