Kathryn Belicki

Professor, Ph.D. (Waterloo), MTS (University of Toronto)

Office: MC B331
905 688 5550 x3873


  • personality & situational factors in forgiveness & forgiveness-seeking (e.g., apology), & reconciliation
  • different forms of forgiveness and their relation to personal and social well-being

Psychological Trauma

  • the impact of psychological trauma on psychological and physical well-being
  • the predictors of trauma outcome, including post traumatic growth

Dreams and Nightmares

I began my career by studying dreams and nightmares, with a focus on the personality predictors of  dream experience. After a lengthy break from that research, I am now returning to the study of dreams, with a focus on trauma and dream content. Dreams may provide a unique opportunity to document some of the subtle impacts of trauma that can be overlooked when post traumatic symptoms are the focus of study.

Psychology and Theology

In recent years I have been reflecting on the points of convergence and divergence between psychology and theology. This has informed both some of my research on forgiveness and also a recent study on attachment to God and its relation to trauma outcome.

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