Psychology is the science of the brain and behaviour.

The Psychology Department at Brock University offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

At the undergraduate level, we currently have two streams of the Honours BA in Psychology (Co-op available). The Honours BA Research stream allows students to complete an empirical research thesis in 4th year. The Honours Comprehensive BA stream allows students to complete a wider variety of content courses and includes a data management course in 4th year. We also offer a BA with major in Psychology (Co-op available), Pass BA in Psychology, as well as a Minor in Psychology.

At the graduate level, we offer Masters of Arts (MA) and PhD programs in three focus areas: 1) behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, 2) lifespan development, and 3) social and personality psychology.

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Check out the video below to find out more about what studying Psychology at Brock University is all about:

If you are wondering what studying Psychology at Brock University might look like for the Fall of 2020, check out this video to hear from the instructor of our Introductory Psychology course: