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Presented at the Annual Meeting for the Society for Psychophysiological Research

Patricia L. Davies, Sidney J. Segalowitz, William J. Gavin. Relationship of Error-related Negativity to Cognitive Skills From 7 to 18 Years.

Hiroaki Masaki, Timothy I. Murphy, James A. Desjardins, & Sidney J. Segalowitz. ERN Characteristics on Partial versus Complete Errors.

Karen Mathewson, Jane Dywan, William J. Tays, Sidney J. Segalowitz, Peter J. Snyder. ERPs to Error-related Feedback During a Spatial Memory Task in Older and Younger Adults.

Gillian E. Munro, Jane Dywan, Grant T. Harris, Shari McKee, Ayse Unsal & Sidney J. Segalowitz. Source Modeling of the Error-Related Negativity in Criminal Psychopaths.

Timothy I. Murphy, Melanie Pine, & Sidney J. Segalowitz. P300 Latency is Dangerously Lengthened for Dual Task when Sleepy.

Sonia P. Sanichara, Sidney J. Segalowitz, Patricia L. Davies, William J. Gavin, Jane Dywan. Charting Developmental EEG Gamma Changes in the Auditory Modality.

Diane L. Santesso, Sidney J. Segalowitz, & Danielle I. Dyke. Sensation Seeking and Reward Sensitivity are Related to Poor Performance Monitoring (ERN) and Decision-making (IGT).

B. Stemmer, S. Segalowitz, J. Dywan, & M. Panisset. Dopaminergic medication and the ERN in Parkinson's disease.

William J. Tays, Jane Dywan, Karen J. Mathewson, & Sidney J. Segalowitz. Age-Related Change in ERPs Associated with Context-Based & Response-Based Interference.



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