“LEAP was an experience full of fun, information and interactive activities designed to make first year easier.”

– Julie B

“LEAP was a fantastic chance to learn and observe the university ways. It is a great way to meet new friends and gain confidence.”

– A.H

“LEAP was a really really great program. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am really glad I took it. I made lots of new friends which will help me get more adjusted to Brock.”

– Paul B.

“The whole time was amazing. I got to meet new people beforehand and see the school inside and out. LEAP is such a great program which you should not miss out on”

– Tara F.

“LEAP gave me a clearer idea of what to expect in the fall”

– Lydia

“Receiving info on services and life at Brock was highly beneficial.”

– Kathleen L.

“LEAP is full of great information. It takes off the anticipation of things I’ll have to do during o week. LEAP helps ease the worries of people.”

“I made a lot of good friends I think I’ll carry on to September and I learned a lot about Brock, plus I feel I learned a bit about myself.”

“I thought LEAP was valuable, thank you for preparing me for university.”

“Absolutely loved it! I recommend LEAP to all first year students.”

“LEAP was an amazing experience. It made me even more excited about attending school in September. Everyone should do it!”

“This is a great way to learn more about Brock’s opportunities around campus and off campus. I had an amazing time and met many new friends! I would recommend this to every first year.”

– Brennan V.