Foundations in Leadership

To build anything, you first need a strong foundation. Building your skills and knowledge is no different. The Foundations in Leadership professional development series is designed to provide you with the basic skills you need to be an effective leader.

Explore our unique four-level program

Foundations in Interpersonal Communications

  • Develop listening skills (verbal and non-verbal) so that you are able to focus on listening for understanding
  • Develop self-expression skills to be able to respectfully and responsibly give constructive feedback
  • Gain an understanding of your own interpersonal communication habits and learn how to communicate in a way that builds interpersonal relationships

Foundations in Problem Solving and Conflict Management

  • Develop your problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills
  • Learn about what can block creative problem solving and strategies for engaging your creativity
  • Learn your conflict management style and conflict tactics
  • Gain experience in using communication skills within a model of conflict mediation that promotes win-win conflict outcomes

Foundations in Group Work

  • Learn about working models for group processes, assisting you in diagnosing group problems, predicting group needs and building on group strengths
  • Learn what affects the development of group norms and how to influence the development of a positive group climate
  • Become familiar with various group member functions and understand why they are necessary
  • Strengthen your observation skills through practice with several group observation tools
  • Have an understanding of, and experience with, the facilitation of productive task-group meetings, and apply their skills from the bronze and silver levels to enhance problem-solving and decision-making in groups

Foundations in Leadership Style

  • Learn about different leadership and following styles, and explore the positive and negative impact of your own style on your ability to lead
  • Develop a number of strategies to become more task-effective and to manage the stress associated with a dynamic lifestyle
  • Gain a realistic picture of your strengths and weaknesses for future development
  • Add to your skills and strategies in other areas, such as motivating others and yourself, as well as learning about positive mentor behaviours


Five in-person sessions – each session is one hour and 50 minutes (110 minutes), with approximately 30-60 minutes of online or at home preparation (readings and reflection questions) per session. Sessions include various learning methodologies, including readings, and practical application.

We are committed to making our programming as accessible as possible. We run levels based on your schedule! Simply register for a level, provide us with your availability and once enough students have availability at the same time, we will open up a session.

Each level costs $50.

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