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The discipline of Geography has a broad scope and combines elements of both the social and natural sciences.

Two specialized degrees – BA Geography and BSc Geography – allow you to integrate human and physical geography, as well as geospatial technologies (e.g., GPS, GIS and remote sensing) into any of our programs of study.

Geography Programs

Human Geography is concerned with (a) understanding the human world and its interaction with physical, built, and symbolic landscapes and (b) using this knowledge to work towards more equitable societies. Sites of human activity are critically examined at various scales: local, regional, and global.

We offer several courses in each of these areas, as well as several courses that integrate the cultural, social, and economic realms in examinations of urban and planning issues, community development, gender relations, producer services, development initiatives, historical geography, resource management, and regional studies. We also offer a range of methodology and field courses that provide students with the skills necessary for conducting primary research and gaining a better appreciation of the centrality of geography to understanding human life.

Degree options:
  • BA in Geography, Honours (4-year)
  • BA in Geography, Co-op, Honours (4 year + 1 term)
  • BA in Geography, Pass Degree (3-year)
  • BA/BEd in Concurrent Education
  • Combined Major (with Child and Youth Studies, Economics, Labour Studies, Psychology and more)
  • Concentration in Urban and Planning Studies: Add to your BA GEOG Honours degree in Year 2
  • Concentration in Cultural Transmission and Heritage Studies: Add to your BA GEOG Honours degree in Year 2

Physical Geography is the study of the Earth’s surface features and processes. It aims to explain the geographic pattern of landforms, soils, water, vegetation, and climate by understanding the processes operating at the surface of the earth, and how these processes interact, affect and complement human activities. Physical Geography at Brock emphasizes the field-based nature of the discipline. Students are exposed to a wide range of geographic studies including geomorphology, glacial studies, climatology, meteorology, biogeography, and environmental studies.

Program options:
  • BSc in Geography, Honours (4-year)
  • BSc in Geography, Co-op, Honours (4-year + 1 term)
  • BSc in Geography, Pass Degree (3-year)
  • BSc/BEd in Concurrent Education
  • Combined Major (with Computer Sciences, Earth Sciences, and more)

Geomatics includes scientific and technological activities which integrate various fields, including cartography, remote sensing, and geographical information systems (GIS), for the collection, analysis, and management of spatially referenced data. Equipped with these skills, students are well positioned to meet the growing demand for professionals who combine a geographic education with strong geomatics skills. A number of geomatics courses are available at Brock.

We encourage our Geography majors to consider adding a Minor in Geomatics to their major program.

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc) in Earth and Planetary Science Communication

This new program is a partnership of the Department of Earth Sciences, the Department of Geography and Tourism Studies, and the Department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film. This unique program aims to give you a solid understanding of the geologic processes operating on the Earth and other planets as well as developments in planetary exploration. In addition, you will graduate with a strong background in communication for a range of careers in Science Communication.

Niagara Falls

Tourism Studies

Study tourism in Niagara — one of the world’s premier travel destinations and home to a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Two specialized degrees – BA Tourism and Environment and BA Tourism Environment, Tourism Management stream – allow you to integrate sustainability and management into our programs of study. Allied with the Goodman School of Business, the Tourism Management stream offers a range of business-related courses. 

Tourism Programs

  • BA in Tourism and Environment, Honours
  • BA in Tourism and Environment, Pass Degree (3-year program)
  • BA in Tourism and Environment, Concentration in Cultural Transmission and Heritage Studies, Honours
  • BA in Tourism Studies, Combined Major (with Child and Youth Studies, Economics, Labour Studies, Psychology and more)
  • BA in Tourism and Environment, Tourism Management Stream, Honours
  • BA in Tourism and Environment, Tourism Management Stream, Co-op, Honours
  • BA in Tourism and Environment, Tourism Management Stream, Pass Degree (3-year program)

Declaring a major or minor in Geography and Tourism Studies

Interested in declaring one of our Geography or Tourism programs as your major or minor?  Have questions about how your credits will count towards a Geography or Tourism program?

Our advisors would be happy to help answer your questions!

We accept applications to our programs year-round.

Program planners

Program planners are designed to help students stay on track with course requirements for their degree.

Experiential learning

We offer many opportunities for our students to gain valuable hands-on experiences.