Jeff Boggs

Associate Professor, Geography and Tourism Studies

Jeff Boggs

B.A. (Indiana)
M.A. (Indiana)
Ph.D. (UCLA)

Office: MC C328
905-688-5550 x4975


  • Economic Geography
  • Regional Analysis
  • Applied Geography

Graduate student supervision

I am seeking graduate students with an interest in Economic Geography. Please contact me for more information.

  • Economic geography and heterodox political economy
  • Locational dynamics of media and other cultural industries
  • Regional political economy
  • Economic development in second-tier cities and deindustrialized regions
  • Niagara’s changing economy
  • Regional foci: North America, European Union (especially Germany and Mitteleuropa)
  • Boggs, J.S. (2012) “Book publishing: Dying one Chapter(s) at a time?” In I. Wagman & P. Urquhart (Eds.) Cultural – Making sense of Canadian media in a digital age. (pp. 94-109). Toronto: Lorimer.
  • Boggs, J.S. (2010) An overview of Canada’s contemporary book trade in light of (nearly) four decades of policy interventions. Publishing Research Quarterly26(1): 24-45.
  • Boggs, J.S. (2009) Cultural industries and the creative economy- Vague but useful concepts. Geography Compass 3(4): 1483-1498.
  • Boggs, J.S.(2005) The geographical sources of competitive advantage and specialization in the book trade of Frankfurt-am-Main and Berlin . Unpublished doctoral dissertation, J. Agnew & A. J. Scott (Co-Chairs), University of California, Los Angeles.
  • Bathelt, H. & Boggs, J.S. (2004) Continuities, ruptures and re-bundling of regional development paths: Leipzig’s metamorphosis. In G. Fuchs and P. Shapira (Eds.), Rethinking regional innovation and change: Path Dependency or Regional Breakthrough? (pp. 147-170). New York: Springer.
  • Bathelt, H. & Boggs, J.S. (2003) Towards a reconceptualization of development paths: Is Leipzig’s creative industries cluster continuation of or a rupture with the past? Economic Geography 79(3), 265-293.
  • Boggs, J.S. & Rantisi, N. (2003) An introduction to relational economic geographies. The Journal of Economic Geography 3(2), 1-8.


  • GEOG/TOUR 2P21 Introduction to Research Design and Methodology
  • CANA/GEOG 3P40 The New Niagara
  • GEOG/CANA 3P61 Using the Canadian Census
  • GEOG 5P03 Quantative Analysis in Geography