London Field Course

Spring 2024

Earn a half Brock credit while studying in the streets of historic London, England.

Streets of London, England. Whit car in front of a double decker red bus with English flag banner hanging above.

The Department of Geography and Tourism Studies offers students at Brock and other Canadian universities the opportunity to experience London, England in a unique and immersive way.

Spend eight days walking the streets of London, stopping at iconic locations and buildings to learn more about their significance to London and the world. Walk through the Hyde Park gardens, visit King’s Cross Station, wave hello to the royal family at Buckingham Palace, climb up the Tower Bridge, and watch time pass along the River Thames. After taking this field course, you will see London in a completely new light.

Applications Now Closed

Applications for the London Field Course were due by November 26, 2023.

Course Information

Course Quick Facts:
  • Open to all Year 3 and 4 Brock students*
  • Open to any student studying at a Canadian university (through a Letter of Permission)
  • Spend eight days exploring London, England, with Professor Phillip Mackintosh
  • Earn 0.5 Brock credit (GEOG/TOUR 3P54)
  • This is an OSAP eligible course
  • Coursework is completed before, during, and following your time in London
  • Learn alongside other students from many different backgrounds
  • Credit will count towards your Geography or Tourism Studies major or minor, or as an elective credit
  • You will have 1.5 free days to explore London on your own

June 17 – 26, 2024

Exploration of London, UK, as a global city and major metropolitan area through an examination of its urban, cultural, historical, and transportation geographies, including its public and private spaces, political economy, and urban planning.

Prerequisite(s): two GEOG credits, two TOUR (TMGT/TREN) credits or permission of the instructor.

Undergraduate students from all programs and years of study at Brock University are invited to apply for our London Field Course. Additionally, students studying at other Canadian universities are welcome to apply to take this course on a Letter of Permission (LOP).

Please note that limited spots are available for this course. Priority will be given to Geography and Tourism majors in their third and fourth year of studies.

ItemDetailsApproximate Cost (CAD)
TuitionTuition fees for 0.5 credit. Please follow Spring session tuition deadline payments set by the Registrar. Online registration for this course opens in early March.Information about tuition is available here:
Return FlightsToronto YYZ to London Heathrow LHR. Booked by student.$1,600
Accommodations and MealsIndian Student YMCA, Fitzroy Square. Breakfast and dinner provided.$1,225
Meals (Lunches) Approximately £10 for lunch.$155
Transportation Transport for London (7-day pass + 2 days) + Extra-Zone transport + Thames Riverboat Cruise.$135
Spending Money (discretionary) Recommended to budget at least £30 per day. You might not spend it all per day but there will attractions you want to visit, such as the London Eye, which is £35 or $59.58 CAD. Rule of thumb: Prices there are the same or a little more as here, only in £.$460
Total estimated cost:$3,575 + tuition

All are approximate and may not represent all costs that might be incurred during the course.

Faculty of Social Sciences (FOSS) Field Course and Experiential Support

All students* accepted to the London Field Course are eligible to receive FOSS Field Course and Experiential Support to cover up to 75% of costs for airfare, ground transportation, and accommodations up to $2,168.

Brock International

Students accepted to this field course will be eligible to apply for additional funding from Brock International to offset the field course expenses. Students could receive up to $1,000 through a combination of the International Mobility Award and Global Skills Opportunity** (GSO) Funding. Students should complete the One App to ensure eligibility can be assessed.

Student Awards and Financial Aid

This is an OSAP-eligible course. Students accepted to this field course may be eligible for additional awards and funding through Student Awards and Financial Aid.

* NOTE: Students who received FOSS Field Course and Experiential Support for a previous experience during their undergraduate studies will not be eligible for this funding (e.g., students who got FOSS Field Course and Experiential Support funding for Vancouver 2022 or Croatia 2023). However, these students may be eligible for other funding through Brock International.

** NOTE: Students who received funding Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) for a previous international experience will not be eligible for this portion of the funding. GSO funding is only available for domestic students, while the International Mobility Award is available to all Brock students.

“London changed me. It taught me so much about the world, who I thought I was and who I ought to be. Simply put, it’s a … life changing experience.”

– Nick S., Brock BA Geography 2014

“The London, England Field Course allowed me to explore geographic concepts and theories through experiential means. The overwhelmingly positive experience supported my growth as a student and geographer—and gave me the freedom to explore other areas of interest (fashion, theatre, shopping, sports, or politics) during free time.”

– Spencer D., Brock BA Concurrent Education, Minor in Geography, 2017

“London opened my eyes about how effective a cohesive public transit system is for society as a whole. It was powerful to see how far behind we are, in Canada, with integrated transit networks”.

– Brian H., Brock Bachelor of Kinesiology, 2017

London the evening. Photo by Linda Marie Stella.
Photo by Jeannie Mackintosh.
John Nash's All Souls Church with the BBC in the background.
Photo by Jeannie Mackintosh.
Students and tourists at Greenwich with Canary Warf and the Isle of Dogs in the distance.
Profs Mackintosh and Gayler and model of proposed housing on the London Olympic site in Stratford.
Photo by Linda Marie Stella.
Photo by Jeannie Mackintosh.
Photo by Jeannie Mackintosh.
Photo by Linda Marie Stella.
Photo by Linda Marie Stella.
Photo by Linda Marie Stella.
Photo by Jeannie Mackintosh.
Photo by Jeannie Mackintosh.
London Eye during the Thames River cruise.
Upstairs on a double-decker on Regent St.
Students in the theatre district.
Photo by Jeannie Mackintosh.

Applications for the London Field Course were due by November 26, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Please contact Dr. Phillip Mackintosh at with any questions related to the London Field Course.


* Limited spots available. Priority will be given to Geography and Tourism majors in their third and fourth year of studies. However, students from all Brock programs and any year of study are welcome to apply.
** Course will be offered dependent on final enrollment.