Experiential learning

It’s important for our students to have many types of learning experiences while in class at Brock, and outside the classroom walls.

Our Department offers many opportunities for our students to gain valuable hands-on experience through internships, labs, seminars, field courses, co-op, and much more. Read more about some of these opportunities below. 

Labs and Seminars

Many of our courses have labs or seminars, where small groups (max 20) of students can discuss what they’ve learned or try out some of the methods they’ve learned about in lecture.

Field Courses

Field courses are a great way for students to apply what they’ve learned in class and gain real world experience in geography and tourism studies. Our Department has been offering field courses for over five decades to domestic and international destinations.

Please note that not all field courses are offered every year. Please check below or contact the Department to see which courses are currently available.

Application of geographical principles and field techniques to problems in human geography, physical geography, and tourism studies.

This course is mandatory for all Geography and Tourism Studies majors. It runs during the October Reading Week following Thanksgiving.

Please contact the Department for more information.

Will be offered in Spring 2019

Want to earn Brock credit while travelling through beautiful Croatia? Study at the International Tourism and Hospitality Academy at Sea! 

Will be offered in Summer 2019

This two-week field course focuses on the growth and development of London as a global city, capital of Britain and major metropolitan area examining its major functions, institutions, peoples and internal spatial structures; major planning issues involved in achieving an enriched urban environment.

Last offered May 2018

This one-week field course focuses on Vancouver as a major metropolitan area. In addition to learning about the historical geography of Vancouver and its region, you’ll explore social and cultural processes as you discover the spaces of the third largest city in Canada.

Cultural and historical geographies of Chicago. Emphasis on the urban spectacle of the modern city and the contrasting geographies of race and class inequalities through the examination of public space, architecture, housing and suburbanization, and cultural production.

This field course brings students to various locations. It is an intensive field course with relevance to Tourism Studies.

Honours Internship Course (4F99)

This course is mandatory for all of our 4th year Geography and Tourism honours students. Students complete an internship either under the direction of a faculty member or in a government or private agency. This course is only available to Geography and Tourism students.

Disney Internship Program

We are one of only three universities and colleges in Canada to offer this partnership program with the University of Florida.

This unique program offers students a six-month study abroad experience in the traditional classroom and in a formal work setting! Students will take online classes and earn 2.5 credits from the University of Florida while participating in academic training and gaining valuable experience at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Learn about tourism, hospitality, destination and event management in a fun and exciting environment from top-notch professors and one of the most successful tourism attractions in the world!


We have three co-op programs in our Department:

  • BA Geography, Co-op (honours)
  • BSc Geography, Co-op (honours)
  • BA Tourism and Environment, Tourism Management Stream, Co-op (honours)

Learn more about co-op at Brock.

Study Abroad and International Exchanges

The Office of International Services can assist all academically qualified Brock students to locate a university exchange partner abroad and set up a custom program of studies which will complement your degree program at Brock. Most students go on exchange in their third year. Note that you must plan in advance – applications for exchange are usually solicited when you are in your second year of study at Brock. Contact the Office of International Services for more information.