Awards, scholarships and bursaries

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for scholarships, bursaries and awards through the Brock University OneApp. In addition to the awards available through the OneApp, there are automatic admission awards, prestige awards and awards for incoming student athletes.

Graduate Students

Each year, the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Brock University invests millions of dollars into our graduate students and the research they are pursuing. Graduate students can learn more about funding, scholarships, and other awards through the Faculty of Graduate Studies here.

Esri Canada $1,000 GIS Student Scholarship Program


For several years, Brock University has been chosen as one of a select group of universities and colleges in Canada that Esri Canada recognizes for its strong, multidisciplinary focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This recognition has included Brock being selected to participate in the Esri Canada $1,000 GIS Student Scholarship Program since 2012. 

This Scholarship is meant to help support a Brock undergraduate or graduate student who is currently enrolled, dedicated, and high achieving to continue his/her studies in GIS and consider it as a post-graduation career option. It is open to all Brock University students. 

Applications are due each year in April. For more information, visit the Esri Canada website.

Past scholarship recipients:
  • Erin Isaac (2023)
  • Colin Mackenzie (2022)
  • Jessica Linzel (2021)
  • Meredith Caspell (2020)
  • Briann Dorin (2019)
  • Kyle Rankin (2018)
  • Luke Gray (2017)
  • Michael Daleo (2016)
  • Zachary Harmer (2015)
  • Jeff Pengelly (2014)
  • Brandon Van Huizen (2013)
  • Brendan Spearin (2012)