David T. Brown

Associate Professor, Geography and Tourism Studies

David T. Brown

Office: MC C425
Phone: 905-688-5550 x3293
Email: dbrown@brocku.ca

The combined approaches of sustainability theory and systems ecology provide us with powerful paradigms for understanding human impacts and managing change. Whether tourism, planning, or waste management, I am most interested in working towards sustainability by applying sound theoretical principles to real-world situations.

  • Digital tourism and interpretation
  • Municipal cultural mapping
  • Niagara Greenbelt Gateway Project
  • Land management plans for the Niagara Parks Commission
  • Trail and greenway management
  • Sustainable integrated waste management theory and practice

‘Inquisitive Minds’  – Radio interview with Dave Brown by Mike Saunders, CFBU FM, 12 November 2013 (aired 27 November 2013). Interview runs from time stamp 22:49 – 46:05 in one-hour radio show.

  • Brown, David T. Ongoing. Friends of Laura Secord Website. A comprehensive website with maps and information on the Laura Secord Legacy Trail, background information on Laura Secord and her contemporaries, 65+ Secord-related points of interest, TripClip interpretive audio, mapping functions, multimedia content, itinerary planner, and other interpretive information. URL:http://friendsoflaurasecord.com.
  • Brown, David T. Ongoing. Niagara Greenbelt Gateway Website. A comprehensive interactive tourism website with 850+ points of interest, mapping functions, multimedia content, itinerary planner, and interpretive information. URL: http://www.niagaragreenbelt.com
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  • TOUR 1P92: Tourism Industry Sectors
  • TOUR/GEOG 2P33: Sustainable Integrated Waste Management
  • TOUR/GEOG 2P94: Human-Dominated Ecosystems
  • TOUR/GEOG 3P34: Sustainable Transportation
  • TOUR/GEOG 3F97: International Field Course (2015: TREN 3F94 – Ecological Regions and Tourism Destinations in Hong Kong and Thailand)
  • TOUR/IASC 3P93: Heritage in the Digital Age

As part of my involvement with the Environments of Change research network, I am seeking a MA in Geography candidate to write a thesis on tourism approaches and heritage interpretation needs at Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex. The candidate will produce an MA thesis which provides a roadmap for tourism interpretation by a wide audience, including scholars, policy makers, and the public. The thesis will also consider the historical environmental contexts of the estate and its historic gardens. Based at Brock University, the candidate will be working with an interdisciplinary team of scholars and practitioners from Canada and the UK.

This is a funded research opportunity, which will include a budget for travelling to the UK. Download the details here. Interested students are encouraged to reach out to me via email.