We are proud of our large and accomplished alumni family, many of whom have careers and achievements which help make the world a better place.

Lyndsay, BSc Geography (‘21)
Current Master of Sustainability Student, Brock University

“Joining the Geography program kind of fell into my lap. When I started at Brock in 2017, I was enrolled in a different program, and I happened to take a physical geography course as an elective. I immediately fell in love with what we were learning, and I ended up changing my major before Christmas had even rolled around. After changing my major and being subjected to so many different aspects of Geography it helped me gain an understanding of what the program had to offer and how many real-world applications could occur within the subject.

I think my favourite experience as an undergrad has been taking part in the Peterborough Field Course. All geography students in their third year of study will have the opportunity to spend a few days with their peers in Peterborough facilitating an individual research study. While this experience brought me closer to people in my program, it also allowed me to understand what I would like to do with my career moving forward. Completing my own study taught me that I would really enjoy a career in research, discovering new things about a discipline that I enjoy so much.”

Robert, BA in Tourism and Environment, Tourism Management Stream (‘21)
Current position:
Protocol and Marketing Coordinator, Niagara Region

“My experience at Brock University was positive since the beginning. I transferred to Brock after the first year of my undergraduate studies. I chose to study tourism because I’ve always had an interest in travelling and experiencing different places around the world. I did not intend on applying to the program initially, but it seemed extremely unique compared to other university programs.

Being part of this program gave me many opportunities to expand my knowledge and connect various topics in tourism, geography, the environment, and business. The faculty in the department were encouraging and insightful as they each taught us different perspectives on geography and tourism research. Looking back, this program was definitely the right choice for me and I’m so thankful for my experiences and the path it has led me to. Everything I learned at Brock University has opened my eyes to the many real-world applications of geography and tourism, and I will carry that with me throughout my career.”

Rebekah, BA Tourism and Environment, Tourism Management Stream (‘19)
Current MA in Geography Student, Brock University

“From the moment I stepped on campus in 2015 I knew Brock would be a special place for me. I loved my time in the department of Geography and Tourism so much I decided to add an extra two years by pursuing a master’s degree in Geography. Throughout my time at Brock because of the support I had from faculty and staff in the department I was able to take advantage of numerous opportunities available to students.

From spending my summers working with the Conference Services department to spending my third year abroad in Glasgow, Scotland, the support and encouragement I received from faculty and staff made it all possible. The approachable and encouraging nature of those around me (faculty, staff and fellow students) helped me to excel and make the most of my time at Brock.”

Teresa, BA Geography (’15)
Current position: 
Field Officer, Emergency Management Ontario (division in the Ministry of the Solicitor General)

“Completing my geography degree was the best decision I made in my university career. I was originally enrolled in a different program at Brock, but was not enjoying the course material, so I decided to change my major to geography. The department was very accommodating and assisted in making sure all my credits counted towards my degree. The faculty and student group were very welcoming and developed a sense of place for each student that I would not have gotten in any other program.

The program is structured so there is great classroom learning and ample opportunities for field learning and experience. The flexibility of the degree allows students to determine specializations they would like to focus on or explore. The field course, distance learning, and co-ops really add to the degree and provide opportunities for actual work experience before you graduate.

After graduating, I was able to pursue careers within government and was marketable to employers. Completing the honours stream also set me up to succeed in postgraduate education. I’m extremely grateful for the professors in the geography department for their constant support and encouragement to engage with the concepts and fields of study. I highly recommend completing a degree in geography at Brock University.”

Becky, BA Tourism and Environment (’15)
Current position:
Graduate Recruitment Coordinator, Goodman School of Business, Brock University

“The course content was current, engaging, and relevant to the real world – I found it fascinating. We frequently used news articles to demonstrate the concepts we were studying. I was fortunate that despite my lack of research, I managed to pick a major that I was so passionate about. I became interested in sustainable tourism business and began to develop research around that topic for my honours thesis.

My professors were always open to meeting with me and helping me whenever I needed it. This not only helped me to master the course content, but I developed relationships with these professors that I still have to this day. They were encouraging, patient, and understanding of my needs as a mature student. I had several directed studies and one thesis for my degree which yielded one on one time with my profs. Their time and dedication to improving my written research and sharing their thoughts and theories with me will always be appreciated.

Brock transformed me in to an engaged and productive student and launched me down an awesome career path! I am so thankful for my experiences and my degree. I know now that even if I had done my research, I would have made the same decision to study Tourism and the Environment.”

My advice for students who are considering studying Tourism is to see what the professors are researching and how that relates to your interests. They are experts in their field! Check out the degree exploration guides at Career Services and don’t be afraid to talk to current students or alumni. There is help and support all along the way at Brock, from your profs, TA’s, academic advisors down to learning supports and workshops.

Tiffany Onesi headshot

Tiffany, BA Human Geography (‘08)
Current position: Customs Release Agent, Nippon Express Canada

“I look back at my four years at Brock in the Geography Department with fond memories and gratitude. I am extremely grateful for the dedicated professors and support staff who pushed us to excel and always had their doors open. The department gave me the tools to succeed professionally and personally.

The department provided me opportunities to study and travel abroad and through internships I was able to gain hands on work experience.

I strongly encourage anyone deciding on post-secondary education to make Brock University Geography and Tourism Studies Department their number one choice. The Department gives you the opportunity to explore a variety of career paths through the varying courses that are available to you.

I look back at my four years at Brock in Geography and believe it was the best choice I made.”

Kathryn, BA Human Geography (‘06)
Current position: Executive Director, Ontario Farmland Trust

“The professors were the best part of the program. Since the class sizes were kept small, most of my professors knew me by name. I remember that at the beginning of my fourth year, when I was sitting down to fill out my teacher’s college applications, three separate professors approached me to suggest that I consider doing a Masters degree. I had never considered that before and wasn’t sure that I could do it – but they all had faith in me and really believed that that was my path. The more I researched it, the more I realized they were right. I would never have made that decision without their guidance, and I am so glad that I took their advice. It was the right move for me, and it has led me to a career that I absolutely love.”

Allison, BA Tourism and Environment, Tourism Management Stream (‘21)
Current position: Human Resources Administrator, Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Resort

“This program has allowed me to develop a different perspective on the tourism industry. Before this program I had a very surface level idea of what tourism is, but through my courses I have been able to learn more about the far-reaching implications of tourism. I think the biggest take away for me was realizing the ethical issues in the tourism industry. As a traveller you aren’t always aware of the implications of you taking a vacation on economic, environmental and cultural aspects of society so that was very interesting to me to learn more about that.”

Gregory, Bachelor of Tourism Studies (‘10)
Current position: Tourism Coordinator, City of Port Colborne

“There is no question that I wouldn’t be where I am today without choosing to study at Brock. I still pinch myself for being so lucky to learn about tourism from some of the sharpest minds in the field. The faculty in this department awakened in me not only a deep-rooted interest in tourism but also a confidence to examine it from all angles. I was given the opportunity to develop skills that I don’t think I would have ever acquired if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement I received along the way. Years after graduating, these same skills continue to be relevant and essential to success in my career. Wherever my passion for tourism takes me, I’ll never forget it started at Brock.”

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