Ebru Ustundag

Department of Geography and Tourism Studies

Ebru Ustundag

Associate Professor

Graduate Program Director, MA in Geography 

Room: C-314, Extension: 4417
E-mail:  eustundag@brocku.ca

Also affiliated with MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies

Member of Graphic Justice Research Alliance 


Fields of Study

- Urban Geography 
- Citizenship Studies 
- Feminist Geographies
- Geographies of Sex-Work
- Geographies of Health and Addiction


-Scholarly Activism and Research as Resistance 

PhD Geography (York University, Toronto)
MSc Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (Middle East Technical University, Ankara)
BSc Political Science and Public Administration (Middle East Technical University, Ankara) 
Courses Taught 
GEOG 1F90: Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 3P53: Community Development and Social Planning
GEOG 3P66: Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
GEOG 3P86: Place, Belonging and Exclusion 
GEOG/WST 3P74: Geography and Gender
GEOG 4P46: Cities and Globalization
GEOG 5P02: Methodologies for the Critical Examination of Geographical Issues
GEOG 5P50: Critical Geographies of the City
GEOG 5P70: Geographies of Ineqaulity and Exclusion
SJES 5P02: Theorizing Social Justice and Equity Studies
SJES 5P75: Social Justice and the City
Current Research Projects
Witnessing Social Citizenship: Microgeographies of Street Level Sex Workers in St. Catharines
Recipient of CTLET Best Practices Award (2010)
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