Workday Expense Instructions

To submit your claim in Workday, please follow:

  1. Login to your portal
  2. Click the Expenses worklet
  3. Click the Create Expense Report
  4. Select Create New Expense Report
  5. Please note the information about Brock University reimbursement policy on the right side of this page
  6. Click OK
  7. Go to Header tab (top right on the screen), complete the Memo by inputting the reason and the explanation for your expense
  8. Go to Expense Lines tab to complete your claim
  9. In the Expense Item field, select the proper item (e.g. General Lab Supplies etc)
  10. Enter the total amount spent (tax included)
  11. Select tax code (from drop down menu)
  12. In the financial sections below please remove everything that has populated and input only the Grant that your supervisor has asked you to use for the payment (everything else will populate)
  13. Attach your scanned receipt
  14. If you have more than one purchase to claim, please click ADD and repeat steps 8-13
  15. Go to Attachments tab and attach additional documents, if applicable
  16. Submit