Brock University Historical Society is Seeking New Members

The Brock University Historical Society (BUHS) is seeking applications for the following positions:

  • First Year Representative
  • Second Year Representative
  • Social Media Team Member
  • Events Manager

BUHS is an undergraduate students’ society at Brock University closely affiliated with the department of History. The purpose of the Brock University Historical Society is to promote student interest and engagement in the study of history and its affiliation with the local Brock community.

The Society organizes academic and social events, giving students an opportunity to develop connections with faculty and those in history-related fields. The core mandate of the society is to develop opportunities for students interested in history to get to know each other, succeed academically, organize volunteer opportunities and gain valuable experiences.

Please see their linktree for the application form and for more information about the BUHS in general.

Categories: Brock University Historical Society, Undergraduate