MA Funding Opportunities

Acceptance into the MA program in History comes with a guaranteed funding package, as well as opportunities for additional financial support. Visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs funding website to apply and search for a complete list of awards for graduate students in the Department of History.

Financial Information for MA History Students

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Tuition costs per term





Ancillary Fees

~$120 to $1,730+

These amounts are the tuition per term for the 2023-2024 academic year, for full time students. The MA programs are typically 3 terms (MRP stream) or 5 terms (Thesis and Co-op streams).

Tuition rates are subject to change annually.

Tuition and fees may differ based on your year of study, degree type, and international status.

More information about tuition can be found on the Graduate Studies website and the Student Accounts & Financial Aid website.

Guaranteed Funding Per Year

Graduate Fellowships (2024/2025 Academic Year)

Domestic Graduate Fellowship, Thesis Stream: $8,500
International Student Fellowship, Thesis Stream: $15,500
MRP Merit Entrance Award (Domestic and International): $3,000*

*82%+ entrance average required to qualify

Teaching and/or Research Assistantship

2023 graduate student rate: is $33.72/hour
An average of 10 hrs/week workload: $4,4046.66/term
(Domestic and International)

Fellowships and Assistantships amounts shown are for 3 terms (12 months). Degree pathways that are longer than 3 terms maintain these levels of funding (pro-rated by the number of terms).

Please see the Graduate Studies Funding page for more information.

External Awards

History MA students are eligible to apply for external scholarships, including:

We have a team to assist you with the funding application process!

Please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs Research Awards page for additional funding opportunities.

History-specific opportunities

Applicants can highlight their interest and suitability for these awards in their Letter of Intent in the application package.

The amounts shown are for the 2023-2024 year and may change annually based on endowments and faculty availability.

David C. Murray and Elizabeth Surtees/Niagara Historical Society Scholarship in the History of Niagara ($6,440)

This scholarship ($6,440) is made annually to a full-time graduate student in the MA in History graduate program who is carrying out their major research paper on a Niagara local history subject, preferably focused on such topics as the political, economic, social, industrial, agricultural, maritime, or related history of the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake or former township of Niagara.

Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Canada, in the Province of Ontario Scholarship ($5,105)

This scholarship ($5,015) will be made to entering graduate student(s) at Brock University.

History Graduate Student Award for Excellence ($1,385)

This scholarship ($1,385.00) is made annually to a full-time student entering the Master of History graduate program.