MA Application Process

You apply online:                                                                                                                                                                   

Deadline: 1 Feb. 2023
-Late applications are considered, if there is time and space
-Only applications that are on time are considered for the fullest range of funding

What you need to prepare:
-Reference letters from professors who have taught you
-A letter of intent
-Writing sample (your best work from a senior course; 10-20 pp.)

Tips for writing a strong letter of intent: Length: 1-2 pp.
What you should include:
-Details about your education (and possibly work or volunteer experience) that have helped prepare you for graduate studies
—Highlight your best academic achievements
-Provide details about a research question or range of questions that you are considering as the focus of your Major Research Paper
—This is important so that we can see if a professor at Brock U could act as your supervisor
-Give reasons why you plan to study for an MA in History at Brock U
—If you have already had correspondence with a possible MRP supervisor, please provide details
-Anything else that you think is relevant to your application and possible future studies at Brock U

What you do not need to include:
-We already suspect that you have a passion for history. You do not need to write much (or even anything) about this passion. Focus on the points above.

Helpful links:
Notes about living in the Niagara Region, including estimates of living expenses
Information about funding
Information for international applicant

If you have more questions:
For general inquiries, including questions about applying to BrockU as an international student, please write to the Faculty of Graduate Studies,

For specific inquiries about the History MA Program, please contact the Graduate Program Director, Michael Driedger