Olatunji Ojo

Associate Professor and Chair

905 688 5550 x5146

Olatunji Ojo (B.A., M.A., Ibadan; Ph.D., York University) teaches African History at Brock, including African History survey and seminars on slavery, economic and women history. Prior to joining Brock University, he taught at the University of Ibadan (Nigeria), Ohio University, Athens and Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.

His research interests, which include slavery, ethnicity and identity formation, religion and gender, center on the history of social and economic change. His recent publications include “ Èmú (Àmúyá): The Yoruba Institution of Panyarring or Seizure for Debt,” African Economic History 35 (2007) : 31-62; “The Organization of the Atlantic Slave Trade in Yorubaland, 1777 to 1856,” International Journal of African Historical Studies 48.1 (2008): 77-100 and “Beyond Diversity: Women, Scarification, and Yoruba Identity,” History in Africa 35 (2008).