Master of Arts in History

Thinking about your future? Knowing the past can help.  A dynamic 12-month (20 months for Co-op) program, the Master of Arts in History will challenge you to read, think, criticize, analyze, write, and write some more.

You will be welcomed as a colleague by our enthusiastic prize-winning faculty, sharing in our distinctive program that features an emphasis on themes; small informal seminars; a generous funding package for full-time students (including teaching assistantships); and close contact with faculty and supervisors in our famous open-door policy.  Our innovative Co-op option includes two four-month work terms where you will get hands-on experiential learning in business, government, or non-governmental organizations.

“Students in our MA Program rise to the challenges of grad school, they grow as scholars, thinkers, citizens.  Often tentative and shy at the annual fall wine tour, they embrace their seminars and grow confident presenting their research.  It is a delight to see them at graduation, optimistic and enthusiastic about the future.”

Renee Lafferty-Salhany, PhD, Associate Professor


Our program offers a high-quality Master’s degree in History consistent with the excellence and dedication of the faculty who teach it. A distinctive feature of the program is an emphasis on theme rather than on region or timeframe. Those themes are:

  • Imperialism
  • Gender History
  • Intellectual History
  • Revolutions
  • Labour Systems
  • Migration/Ethnicity/Identity
  • History of Medicine/Science
  • History and Computing

We only accept a select number of students per year so you will get to know your peers in the shared Graduate Student offices where you can work and (judging by the noise at times) socialize and debate.

The Master of Arts in History provides students with training, through course work and research experience, in the various fields of history. The focus is on developing critical analysis of both primary and secondary sources. Students will be required to study historiography and methodology and will be encouraged to engage the vibrant theoretical debates in the study of history.

Contact Information

For general inquiries about graduate studies at Brock University, including questions about applying to BrockU as an international student, please write to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, 

For inquiries specific to the graduate program in History, please contact the Graduate Program Director, Professor Michael Driedger, or the Graduate Program Assistant, Lisa Betts.