• Brock Historical Society to host upcoming events

    The Brock Historical Society (BUHS) is hosting two student-oriented events in November.

    Movie Night

    On Thursday, November 23, BUHS is partnering with the English Students’ Association to host a movie night at the Foundry Lofts Theatre. The movie (TBA) will start at 8:30.

    Exam Preparation Workshop

    On Wednesday, November 29, BUHS is holding an exam preparation workshop from 5-6pm in GLNA 164.




  • History MA Student to present at GIS Days

    Rebecca Nickerson (MA History) will be presenting her work, “HGIS: Mapping Segregated Healthcare in Canada,” as a part of the GIS Days conference, hosted by Western University Libraries, on Nov 13-17. She was featured in the Brock News for her participation in the conference.

    Registration is free but required to attend:

    Rebecca’s talk is part of the Lightning Talks and will speak on Thursday, Nov 16 at 11:00 am. Her abstract follows:

    HGIS: Mapping Segregated Healthcare in Canada will explain the process and ethics of using GIS methods for historical research. The Mapping Segregation Project, a collaboration between Brock University and ESRI Canada explores the spatial relationship of colonial governance over Indigenous healthcare during the 1950’s – 1980’s, particularly focusing on patient transportation. The data used in this project was compiled from archives, both maps and written sources to create a comprehensive database to show how a government system functioned over space and time. Learn about transforming complex archival data into easy to understand visuals in this lighting talk.

    Congratulations, Rebecca! Keep up the great work and good luck with the presentation.

    Photo credit: The Brock News

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  • Introducing our new MA students!

    Welcome to the program!


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  • Professor Kimberly Monk Rolls Out PortCities 2.0

    Professor Kimberly Monk has released the updated and expanded the PortCities Project website with essays from the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 HIST 2F00 PortCities project.

    From the website:

    “The 22 research essays from our 2022-2023 course on the Port of Toronto, illustrate the range of themes that connect its port history, past and present. We congratulate these students for working so diligently as they progressed from proposal to first draft to final edits. Deepening our understanding of another Canadian Great Lakes port city. ”

    Monk is currently setting up student meetings for the current group of HIST 2F00 students to focus on the Niagara region, to be released next year.

    Congratulations, Professor Monk!

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  • Professor Manitowabi Discusses Importance of Indigenous History with the Brock News

    Professor Joshua Manitowabi’s research and teaching of Indigenous History was recently featured in the Brock News.

    Photo credit: The Brock News

    “We need to hang on to our identity, culture and knowledge systems,” Manitowabi said. “Indigenous youth need to live in two worlds, one in this Eurocentric society and the Indigenous world. I am just one person, but I can contribute to the larger puzzle through education and research as an Indigenous person.”

    Congratulations, Professor Manitowabi!

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  • Top Holocaust Scholar to give Humanities Graduate Student Seminar, Public Talk

    Professor Kristin Semmens (University of Victoria) will give a lunchtime seminar for graduate students in the Department of History (Thursday, Sept 21) to discuss her experiences researching and writing her new book, Under the Swastika in Nazi Germany. This workshop will provide graduate students will an invaluable opportunity to learn about knowledge mobilization, dissemination, and communication from a leading scholar. Lunch will be provided. Event details are on ExperienceBU.

    Please RSVP to Professor Elizabeth Vlossak ( to reserve your spot by Tuesday, Sept 19. 

    Dr. Semmens will also be delivering a public lecture that evening at Pond Inlet (6:30pm). Advance registration is available through ExperienceBU. Read more about Dr. Semmens and the upcoming lecture in the Brock News.

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  • Brock University Historical Society is Seeking New Members

    The Brock University Historical Society (BUHS) is seeking applications for the following positions:

    • First Year Representative
    • Second Year Representative
    • Social Media Team Member
    • Events Manager

    BUHS is an undergraduate students’ society at Brock University closely affiliated with the department of History. The purpose of the Brock University Historical Society is to promote student interest and engagement in the study of history and its affiliation with the local Brock community.

    The Society organizes academic and social events, giving students an opportunity to develop connections with faculty and those in history-related fields. The core mandate of the society is to develop opportunities for students interested in history to get to know each other, succeed academically, organize volunteer opportunities and gain valuable experiences.

    Please see their linktree for the application form and for more information about the BUHS in general.

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  • BBC takes interest in Professor’s new book

    Professor Andrew McDonald’s new book, “A Visitor’s Guide To The Medieval Kingdoms Of Man And The Isles, 1066-1275,” garnered the attention of the BBC. Read all about it!

    The book is currently available through the Manx National Heritage website.




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  • Professor McDonald to Launch New Book in the Isle of Man

    Professor Andrew McDonald will be on location at the Manx Museum Lecture Theatre this month to discuss his latest book, “A Visitor’s Guide To The Medieval Kingdoms Of Man And The Isles, 1066-1275.” He will also spend time preparing for his upcoming Travel Study Course (MARS/HIST 3F51) that is being offered in the spring of 2024.

    Congratulations on the new book, Professor McDonald, and have a wonderful trip!

    To learn more about the event, please visit the Manx National Heritage Site.

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  • New Study Travel Course Announced for May 2024

    Explore Viking and Medieval History on location in the Isle of Man with Professor Andrew McDonald!

    Learn more at the information sessions:

    October 17th and October 26th, 2023
    RFP 214

    The course is cross-listed with the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

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