Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

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Many prizes based on academic merit are awarded annually by faculty members. No application is necessary.


Awards based on academic merit and financial need are awarded at several levels of academic study. Application required.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships are available for entry level and continuing students. Application required.


Department of History Book Prizes

Outstanding students in each year are selected by the faculty members for the Book Prizes.

YearPast Recipients
2022-2023 Datta, Lydia
2021-2022Moore, Braeden James
2020-2021 Timmins, Kyle
2019-2020 Boone, Easton Derek Dionne
2017-2018Flynn, Megan
2016-2017Nickerson, Rebecca Violet
2015-2016Nowicki, Patricia
2014-2015Thivierge, Mathe
2013-2014Poole, Amy Marie
YearPast Recipients
2022-2023 Bryan, Dylan
2021-2022Gretch, Kaitland McCollouch
2020-2021 Rowden, Nicholas Matthew
2019-2020 Grignon, Yannick Philip Payne
2016-2017Wielink, Michael Cornelius
2015-2016Falovo, Mark
2014-2015Groux, Corwan Ocean Norris
2013-2014Hay, Nicholas Robert William
2012-2013McCarl, Katelyn Florence Cora
YearPast Recipients
2022-2023 Watt, Alex
2021-2022 Cavanaugh, Sara
2020-2021Koop, Kirsten Nicole
2019-2020 Smagata-Bryan Dario Smagata
2017-2018Turi, Mark
2016-2017Angaran, Michael Elio
2015-2016Groux, Corwan Ocean Norris
2014-2015Lelie, Ruchama Jedida
2013-2014Willms, Renee
2012-2013Fast, Carolyn
YearPast Recipients 
2022-2023 Koop, Kirsten
2021-2022 Krista Dafoe
2020-2021Gary Stephen Gardell
2019-2020 Naythan Roger Poulin
2018-2019 Rebecca Nickerson
2017-2018Matthew Joseph Jagos
2016-2017Koch, Heike
2015-2016Hay, Nicholas
2014-2015Fast Carolyn Joan
2013-2014Girard, Renee
2012-2013Know, Kathleen Elizabeth

Frank and Amy Wills Memorial Award

Awarded annually to the History student who has demonstrated superior creativity and thoroughness in research presented in the History Department.

YearPast Recipient
2018-2019Naythan Roger Poulin
2017-2018Jessica Linzel
2016-2017David Howell
2015-2016Daniel Edward Holman
2014-2015Nicholas Robert William Hay
2011-2012Adam Nadeau

John and Barbara McEwen Prize in British History

Awarded to the student who excels in British History at the second-, third- or fourth-year level.

YearPast Recipient
2018-2019Jade Biggar
2017-2018Daniel Carmine Goodwill
2016-2017Jacob Breadman
2015-2016Jacob Breadman
2014-2015Emily Jennifer Reynolds Schmuck
2013-2014Alex Rebecca Gallacher
2011-2012Aelia Petro

Donald Goodspeed Book Prize

Awarded to the student achieving the highest academic standing in HIST 1F95.

YearPast Recipient
2018-2019Kiara Leblanc
2017-2018Malcolm Cavanagh
2016-2017Jeffrey Braeden Allison
2015-2016Dylan Marquis Head
2014-2015Cherita Bosch
2013-2014Andrew Mcpherson
2012-2013Dean Warkentin
2011-2012Jonathan Sikkema

Donald G Creighton Prize

Awarded to the student obtaining the highest mark in a first-year History course.

YearPast Recipient
2018-2019Haley Drury
2017-2018Conrad Allan Robert McMahon


Application Required through OneApp.

Turner Award in Canadian History

This award will be made to an in-course declared History major at Brock University. Candidates must demonstrate financial need and be in good academic standing. Preference will be given to those studying Canadian History.

Craig Tallman Award in History

Awarded to a third year undergraduate student at Brock University who is returning to their 4th year of study majoring in History. The applicant must demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. Preference will be given to a student who 1.) has community/volunteer involvement and/or 2.) participates in varsity sports and/or 3.) participates in intramural sports.

early historical map of eastern canada
Vincenzo Coronelli’s America Settentrionale, 1688, shows a quite different view where “Acadia” seems to be only the peninsula (what we today call Nova Scotia). Source: Library of Congress.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Applications Required through OneApp.

Effie Buck Memorial Scholarship in History

Awarded to two full time or part time students majoring in History. Candidates must demonstrate financial need, Ontario residency requirements and be in good academic standing.

Betty and Gordon Vallee Scholarship in History

To be awarded as an entrance scholarship to a student on the basis of academic merit and financial need with a declared major in History, who has graduated from a Niagara Region secondary school. Renewable upon maintaining an 80% average each Fall Winter session. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and meet Ontario residency requirements.

John Burtniak Bursary in Canadian History

The award is to be made annually to a full time student entering in the third or fourth year in the Faculty of Humanities, majoring in a programme of History. Preference to be given to those students who have an interest in Canadian History. Students should indicate their interest in Canadian History on their application. Students must demonstrate financial need and meet Ontario residency requirements.

Professor Frederick C. Drake Scholarship

Awarded annually on the basis of academic merit to a full-time student majoring in History at Brock University. The candidate must be entering the fourth year of an undergraduate degree and preference may be given to a student for whom U.S. History is an integral part of his or her program of study. If a clear candidate cannot be determined, financial need may be considered. Selection will be made by the Department of History.

Livermore Family Scholarship

Awarded to a student entering fourth year of the History program who has demonstrated considerable academic merit. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and meet Ontario residency requirements.

Lillie A. Traver Scholarship

Awarded to a student with honours standing, majoring in History.

W. G. Ormsby Scholarship

Awarded to the full-time student with the highest average, entering the third- or fourth-year of a single or combined major program in History.

early map of the Hillsborough River
Plan de la rivière du Nord Est, L'île St Jean, 1730 Though still early in the settlement process, this 1730 map showing the river connections between Trois Rivières, Port-la-Joie, and Havre St-Pierre is by far our best geographic representation of the river in the French period. I've turned the map so that it's now closer to our standard north-south orientation. Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France