Faith and Life Centre

The Faith and Life Centre provides both religious and secular opportunities for friendships, education, counseling, critical thinking about religion, and personal growth.

The Faith and Life Centre now finds its home in one of the most beautiful spaces on campus, Alphie’s Trough. Set into the escarpment, right on the Bruce Trail, the FLC is a peaceful escape from the bustle of the University campus. You can find us right at the end of Thistle hallway, headed South down the hill.

The Centre is a space for all students, and all student clubs – religious or otherwise. Part of the space is designated as a drop-in quiet study space, while the other half is primarily used for religious practices, i.e. prayer groups, Bible studies, and discussion groups.

Currently an inaccessible space

Renovations are set to begin in October and finished by December, making the entire space of Alphie’s Trough accessible. Unfortunately until then, the building is not an accessible space.

We sincerely apologize for this and recognize the barriers that this will cause. Please contact us with any questions.

Faith and life centre events

There are no events scheduled at this time.

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