CUPE Job Action Updates for Teacher Candidates

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) confirmed that job action will begin across the province on Monday, September 30 and they will be on strike on October 7, 2019. CUPE members include custodians, maintenance staff, office administrators, clerical staff, early childhood educators (ECE), educational assistants (EA), and information technology technicians.

At this time, each School Board is reviewing the job action directive from CUPE provincial to its members to determine the impact these will have on schools, to learning and working, and to safety in schools for students, staff and teachers.

Boards are committed to providing our school communities with additional details on the job action as soon as they can. Please monitor the web site of your school district for its decision on whether schools remain open during the CUPE job action.

Undergraduate Concurrent Education students involved in school‐based experiential learning placements and Teacher Candidates who begin structured experiences on Wednesday October 9, 2019 and practicum as early as the week of October 21, you need to be aware of the following specific issues:

  1. If a school district closes its schools, you are not to report to the school.
  2. If schools remain open, teaching staff are expected to be in attendance. Teachers’ contracts oblige them to report to work during job action by other bargaining units, unless they are absolutely unable to do so, in which case they need to report this to their administrator.
  3. Teacher Candidates are expected to attend schools if they remain open. If you are absolutely unable to attend, please report this to your Associate Teacher and to the Brock FOE Placement Office.
  4. If you are at a school during the CUPE job action, please be respectful of the rights of CUPE members and the normal practices for crossing any lines.
  5. As a teacher candidate, you need to be clear in your role within the school and you should not be performing a role that would otherwise be the direct responsibility of a CUPE worker.

If you need clarification about the specific roles performed by the ECE or EA in your school/classroom, ask for guidance from your Associate Teacher or Practicum Advisor.

The Faculty of Education Placement Office will endeavor to keep you informed of the status of specific school districts through periodic emails and our website updates.