From the Diversity Advocacy Standing Committee of Faculty Board (DASC)

To: Education Students; Staff; Faculty; and members of Faculty Board, Brock University, Faculty of Education

January 31, 2017

Given our role advocating for diversity in the Faculty of Education, at Brock University a statement from DASC is keeping with our mandate.

DASC ‘WE’ Affirmation:

We grieve the loss of beloved family members during the mosque attack on January 29, 2017.  We believe the act of violence, Islamophobia and hate is a direct contradiction to Canadian values that support and nurture diversity as a strength. We realize educators need a sense of community, care and safety where they can both share and encourage their students to have critical and meaningful conversations about race, racism, religious freedom and all forms of oppression and discrimination. We join educators across the nation in encouraging conversations that will lead to further understanding and peace.

Respectfully in peace, love and solidarity,

Members of DASC

Chair, Dolana Mogadime (Faculty); and Members, Denise Armstrong (Faculty); Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker (Faculty); Kamini Jaipal Jamani (Faculty); Snežana Ratković (Staff); Tracy Crowe Morey (incoming Graduate Rep.); Helen Kosterman (Undergraduate Rep.); Kim Radersma (Former Graduate Rep)

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