Discover Niagara. Experience Niagara.

Student Life

Discover Niagara. Experience Niagara.

Behind the iconic name discover a place that is original in every sense.

From its uniquely accessible location that is packed with an extraordinary array of natural and man-made wonders within its world-renowned peninsula geography, its abundance comes in every flavour... the adrenalin rush of top casinos, great theatre and star-studded entertainment; the rich glow of an award-winning vintage or culinary experience; the dramatic sweep of its rivers, prosperous argiculture, lakes and escarpment.

Vivid and visceral, this is a place of one-of-a-kind discoveries and attractions that have drawn visitors and maverick entrepreneurs from around the globe for centuries and its storied heritage of visionaries, risk-takers and innovators still inspires the region's independent, inventive character today where researchers in health and technology, new media and education, work side by side with farmers, teachers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

Enticingly close, surprisingly diverse, totally original.