What are you doing that exemplifies Both Sides of the Brain?

Student Life

What are you doing that exemplifies Both Sides of the Brain?

Andrew Sutherland 'Suds'

DART, Year 5

Meeting, greeting and loving people. I am a Drama major who wants to do it all... act... teach... anything that makes me happy. It's about experience and trying something new.

Rihan Rahsi

Business, Year 4

I am the volunteer coordinator for the Roots African Caribbean Society at Brock. I'm utilizing my business skills for networking and getting others involved in school.

Daniel Dantzig

Concurrent Education & Phys Ed., Year 4

I love playing ultimate frisbee. I play competitively every summer and have amazing experiences playing against other countries like Japan and Columbia.

Luke Speers

Philosophy & Political Science, Year 4

I am both a senator and a rugby player for Brock University and I am double majoring in Philosophy and Political Science.

Trevor Martin

Business Administration—Human Resource Management, Year 5

I have been an active member of the Brock community for all 5 years that I 
have been here. I have enjoyed being involved in the residence community, the Brock Business Association and most recently I have been involved with Campus for Christ. I have realized that the spiritual aspect of life is of great 
importance and a part of life that can often be overlooked. As an aspiring 
leader, I have learned that no matter how hard I work and no matter how many good causes I'm involved in, I will never be able to measure up to God's standard unless I allow God to work through me. I think that Jesus is the 
ultimate leader and the more I have studied his life, the more I want to 
follow him and be like him so that I can be a well rounded person.

Brittany Bushey

Concurrent Physical and Health Education, Year 5

I have been inspired throughout my time at Brock University to change the 
world in just some small way; hopefully there will be a ripple effect to make changes everywhere. Recipient of Physical and Health Education Canada's 
2008-2009 Student Leadership Award, I am trying to learn as much as I can 
about Physical and Health Education that will help students everywhere stay 
active for life. After volunteering for SNAP during my undergrad, I have 
tried to take my experience to the classroom. Currently I am working with 
students in a self-contained classroom in a physical and health education 
setting so that they get the daily movement that they need. Much of the time physical education is overlooked when it comes to children with special needs, when in reality they need it just as much if not more than anyone 
else! My future goal is to create a locally developed course that mimics the 
SNAP experience in schools, hopefully that will become an Ontario Education mandated course. Inclusivity for all!

Lauren Soluk

Concurrent Education, Year 4

Social networking and faculty connection. I love trying to get students involved and making sure they enjoy their University experience. The child indicates the playful side of my brain.

Rob Wilkinson

Community Health Sciences, Year 4

I motivate others to be the best human they can be. I engage people in thinking about the world as a global citizen. I encourage people to live on their growing edge. I persevere in the face of all adversity.

Victoria Chapman

Business Administration—Human Resource Management

My passion is parrots. I have helped in rescuing some. I love to get involved and make a difference in someone's life.

Shailene Lepore

Child and Youth Studies, Year 3

Music is one of my many passions. Also bettering the lives of other individuals (helping them our, volunteering, offering a listening ear, and other initiatives). I am a bright, cheerful person who lights up the lives of others anyway I can.

Robin Lance

Applied Linguistics: Hearing Sciences, Year 2

I tutor reading, I'm in Brock Musical Theatre and in the fall I start working in the SLIC. My focus is on hearing and perception. One day I would like to be an audiologist.

Ivie Idahosa

Nursing, Year 4

I am passionate about music. I love singing! I always try to express my creative side through music as well as my academic side with my program.

Justin Boutilier

Humanities: History, minor in Business

I'm beatboxing, playing guitar and any sport!

Kristen McEachern

Public Health, Year 3

I teach numerous fitness classes and motive others to lead a healthy lifestyle by staying active and eating healty. I am an active training and enjoy running.

Loris Isabettini

Music, Year 2

I enjoying teaching music and performing. I am very passionate about the study of science as I aim to become a health practitioner.


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