Master of Arts in History Program

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Master of Arts in History Program

Steven J. Lee’s Testimonial

Class of 2012

"Being a Master’s Candidate in Brock University’s history department was the most fulfilling and engaging part of my post-secondary education. I honestly believe that the experience could not have been the same at a different school. At Brock the professors outnumber the students in the graduate program. This means that the professors quickly get to know you, form personal connections and one-on-one support is always available. As a small class my colleagues and I grew very close, and that was particularly valuable when dealing with the pressures of a rigorous MA course.

The MA program consists of small, three-hour seminars. My class sizes ranged from six to fourteen (the entire class), which meant that there was plenty of time for each student to express his or her thoughts and build discussion. Professors constantly push students to critically analyze, challenge their ideas and support their claims. This compelled me to become better at formulating academic arguments, and perhaps more importantly, become more confident in my ideas and myself.

The history MA program fosters a true sense of community both between the candidates and the entire department. Perhaps the best example of this is the colloquia. Resident or visiting professors give talks on their research or upcoming articles and grad students are encouraged to attend and critique their work. Later in the year the candidates are invited to present their work and share in the experience. The professors truly treat you as equals and believe that you have something valuable to share. The department encourages students to reach their maximum potential and to attend conferences, give papers, and become published.

The history MA program is not easy, and requires a great deal of dedication and hard work, but the rewards and rich experience make it all worthwhile in the end."

Steven Lee is a Brock University graduate who currently works at the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archive in Brampton, Ontario, and as a teacher at Oxford Learning Company.