To offer students a unique experiential learning experience abroad by connecting career goals with social justice and solidarity initiatives. The SEA program provides unique opportunities for students to experience hands-on sustainability and community development projects, cultural immersion and spirituality.

Our Program

Since the inception of Solidarity Experiences Abroad at Brock University in 2004, over 1000 Brock students have made the decision to engage in this innovative program in Latin America and Africa. Students work in a variety of areas serving brothers and sisters in need in projects connected with their expertise or gifts. This has also shown a gaining of valuable practical experience, acquiring more respect for other cultures and developing a culture of solidarity and sustainability. Whether students work in sustainable education projects, healthcare, social responsibility or sustainable development projects, they agree that this program is unlike anything they have experienced in their university time. Through the experience they grow a deeper sense of global awareness, local community commitments in Canada and a greater inspiration to develop their personal career goals in service to others.

Volunteer opportunities, languange classes, lectures, and cultural experiences all provide exposure to the local culture, social justice issues, spirituality, and the real people in local communities. Together as a group of individuals, Brock students grow and discover their own passion to help and make a difference in the world without paternalism or cultural imperialism, but humbly lending hands to the priorities established by community leaders and local people.

2014 prices, dates and destinations:

All trips are all-inclusive: airfare, accommodation, meals, transportation and travel insurance. Students should bring extra money for incidental expenses and local airport taxes.

SEA Med-Nursing Reading Week - Lime, Peru
February 14 – February 23

SEA Health & Education - Cape Town, South Africa
April 30 – May 15

SEA Education - Guayaquil, Ecuador
May 16 – May 30

SEA Health & Education - Cebu City, Philippines
June 13 – June 28

SEA Catholic Missions - Lima, Peru
June 30 – July 13

SEA Nursing - Guayaquil, Ecuador
June 17 – June 30

SEA Community Development - Lima, Peru
August 4 – August 17

SEA Community Development - Lima, Peru
August 18 – August 31

*A maximum of 30 places are available per trip.
*A minimum 15 people must register for a trip for it to occur.  

Program Requirements

  • Introduction to Latin American and/or African culture classes (provided pre-departure)
  • Completion of the Pre-Departure Orientation (provided)
  • Participation in the annual solidarity campaigns at Brock for the SEA program
  • Clear respect for the religious beliefs of the participants and locals, allowing others the opportunity to explore spirituality*
  • Involvement in community development projects (during your trip)
  • Completion of 10 hours of community work related to personal career goals (during your trip)
  • Valid passport, visa (if necessary), insurance, vaccinations (recommended), and signed liability forms
  • Participation in Spanish language classes on site (Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica) and Portuguese (in Brazil)

* No religious affiliation is required to participate in this program. Participants of all religious beliefs or no-beliefs and backgrounds are welcome. However, this inclusive program provides spiritual exposure and the possibility of spiritual exploration. The SEA Program expects students to display a clear respect for the spiritual, religious beliefs and practices of other participants, and of local cultures. 

Students should ensure that they are physically and psychologically able to fully participate in this program due to its intense physical, emotional and psychological demands and intense exposure to poverty and a different culture.

 Contact Information

To sign up for Solidarity Experiences Abroad Program or for more information contact:

Matthew St.Louis
Manager, Solidarity Experiences Abroad
Faith and Life Centre
905-688-5550 Ext: 4705


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