Destination Information

Destination Information

Peru provides some of the greatest variety of historical sites and volunteer placements for students.  These places provide a relatively safe environment and a culturally rich location for the exploration of social justice issues and some cultural activities.  In the shantytowns and communities of Pamplona Alta in San Juan de Miraflores, multiple projects are constantly underway in the fields of Education, Health, Environment, constructions and others.

Ecuador, renowned for the Galapagos Islands, is a country of tropical biodiversity located along the equator.  Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador and is also the main port of the country. Work is mainly done in the rural areas in Daule and Sanborondon municipalities, and throughout different locations in the city, where Government care does not reach many local citizens.

Brazil provides a new cultural experience as the geography changes from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.  Rio de Janeiro is a city surrounded by ocean and mountains, and much of the lifestyle reflects that of a beach and full-of-social-contrasts culture.  Here the shantytowns worked in are slightly more established and the poverty exposure is extreme, expressed many times in drug-dealing and prostitution situations. Much of the work is in the Education and Health fields highlighting projects to dignify women and to provide future job opportunities to youngsters.

South Africa 
South Africa presents a mix of natural beauty, challenging history and many social contracts; and a vibrant recent history of combat to racism and development of the country. The underline social tensions, the achievements and challenges of the country are subject for constant dialogues in the middle of the solidarity projects in partnership with well-established grass-root organizations.




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