Three new faculty members at COSC

The Department of Computer Science is happy to share great news at the beginning of this Fall 2021 term!

The recent hiring processes were very successful. Three outstanding researchers will join the department as new faculty members this Fall 2021, Prof. Dividino and Prof. Emami, and the following Winter 2022, Prof. Carvalho!

Prof. Renata Dividino

Provenance, Web Science, Semantic Web Foundations, Querying & Reasoning, Web Data, Knowledge Graphs, Information Integration



Prof. Ali Emami

Natural language processing, Machine Learning, Common Sense Reasoning, AI & Ethics, Interpretability, Fairness and Bias, Language Understanding & Generation, Causality



Prof. Glaucio Carvalho

Computer and Network Security, Ethical Hacking and Network Defense, Computer Networks and Network Engineering, Operating Systems & System Programming



Welcome to COSC and Brock!