• Computer Science Club 23/24 President – Highlights

    The Computer Science Club (CSC) is an active and engaging community for students passionate about computer science, technology, and gaming at our university. As of the 2023-2024 academic year, Gideon Oludeyi is the Club’s President. The club offers a diverse range of activities and events to foster learning, creativity, and social interaction among members. Highlights of the club include the annual Game Jam, a showcase of student creativity in game development, and events like the Fall Kickoff Day and PI(e) Day celebrations, which provide opportunities for members to connect and enjoy fun activities. Additionally, weekly Game Nights and coding competitions cater to gaming and coding enthusiasts. Importantly, the club is inclusive and welcomes ALL students interested in Computer Science and Tech without any specific requirements for participation. For updates and information, students can stay connected through the club’s Discord channel and visit the official website at Furthermore, the club has a dedicated space (MCJ332) where members can socialize, play games, and enjoy refreshments between classes, fostering community and camaraderie. Looking ahead, the club has exciting plans for the Fall term, including the Annual Fall Kickoff, which will include food, music, and games. Whether you’re a seasoned Computer Scientist or simply curious about the world of tech, the CSC provides a welcoming environment for students to learn, network, and have a great time.

    Computer Science Club Interview
    Hello, How was your summer? I would like to congratulate you on becoming the 2023-2024 Computer Science Club (CSC) President.
    Thank you, Jessica. I had a great learning experience working at an internship role this summer. And I am excited for this new academic year, especially with what we have planned for the club. How was your summer, Jessica?
    My summer was excellent! I look forward to the academic year and another amazing year with the club. What are some highlights of the club you would like to share about the club?
    My top highlight would be the 2023 Game Jam during the Winter term’s reading week. I had the privilege to help organize the online event, and I was amazed at the games’ quality and the participants’ creativity. And I liked how we had several opportunities for students to connect throughout the year, such as the Fall Kickoff and PI(e) Day.
    I agree. My favourite activities last year would be PI(e) Day Celebrations and weekly ♦️ Games ♠️ Nights. Are there any activities this upcoming term?
    We have several activities lined up for this Fall term. First is our annual Fall Kickoff, where the club will have a social get-together with food, music, and games for club members to connect, socialize, and have fun. We’ll also be resuming our weekly Game Nights and coding competitions. We plan on hosting several workshops to promote peer learning within the club.
    These activities sound amazing! I am excited to participate and meet other students interested in Computer Science, Games, and Tech. How do I get involved? Are there any requirements for getting involved?
    There are no restrictions, so long as you have a passion for computer science and tech. Everyone is welcome to join and participate in our events.
    Where Can I find more information about the club?
    I’d say to watch the club’s Discord for announcements and other news, as it’s our primary way of getting information out to students. We also have a website at for more information about the club.
    Is there a club room or a location where students can meet?
    I’m glad you asked! Our club room (MCJ332) is opposite the computer science help desk. We have snacks, drinks, board games, video games, and card games. Everyone is welcome to drop by and hang out between classes or whenever.
    How can I stay in touch for future events and activities or meet new peers?
    The best way to keep in touch is to watch our club’s Discord announcements. Every activity we host will be posted there, including the Fall Kickoff we’ll host in a few weeks. The Fall Kickoff is a great opportunity for new and returning students to connect, reconnect, and meet new faces. I’d encourage everyone to join us, so watch for more news on Discord.


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  • COSC Research Featuring on AI for Drug Design

    COSC Researchers led by Dr. Yifeng Li have advanced the design of more efficient drugs with the help of AI. The full article was featured in Brock News at this link.


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  • Reading Week Game Jam

    Computer Science Club will host its annual reading week Game Jam from February 19th onwards.


    Competition time: February 19th 12:00 pm to February 25th 11:59 pm

    Judging time: February 25th till February 27th 11:59 pm

    Results will be announced the week following the reading week.


    We will have different awards for the games that are made, which include Member’s Award, Exec’s Award, and Faculty’s Award.


    The winners of the awards mentioned above will be gifted something from the list below.

    • Brock CSC Hoodies
    • Brock CSC T-Shirt
    • Gift cards from different Franchises
    • Brock CSC Credits – redeemable at the Computer Science Clubroom for purchasable items.

    On top of that, you have a bragging right to winning the Brock CSC Game Jam 2022-2023.


    The basic restrictions are only a team of up to 3 people can participate in the Game Jam, and we are limiting it to one submission per team.

    Other information

    The themes will be announced when the competition starts, but in the meantime, you can sign up for the competition using this form.

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  • Amirali Madani: COSC MSc graduate and Governor General medallist

    Amirali Madani concluded his MSc thesis in Computer Science in 2021. Together with his master’s degree in Computer Science, Amirali received the overnor General’s Gold Medal, an award presented annually at Spring Convocation to the graduate student with the highest academic average.

    The award was a well-deserved recognition of Amirali’s hard-working and dedication to his graduate studies, achieving an outstanding high average of 97.

    More details about Amirali and his achievement can be found at this link.

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  • COSC at Canada Games Teaching Spotlight

    A man in a beige jacket and blue shirt stands in front of a brick wall on the right and a windowed hallway to the left.COSC students are developing a Chatbot for Canada Games.

    This interesting and useful application is part of a Computer Science Software Engineering course project under the supervision of Prof. Naser Ezzati-Jivan.

    More details can be found at Brock News.

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  • Open Faculty Position

    The Department of Computer Science has one open tenure-track position. More details about the position and instructions about the application process can be found on this page.

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  • New Ph.D. Program in Intelligent Systems and Data Science

    The Department of Computer Science is excited to report that a new Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems and Data Science has been given final approval. The program is expected to start in the near future. This doctoral program is being jointly offered with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Stay tuned to our website for developments!

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  • Scholarship Opportunity for COSC students

    Computer Science or MIS Students with at least two semesters of coursework…

    You could be eligible to apply for the David L. Squires Scholarship


    David L. Squires was a staff member at the Memorial University of Newfoundland who was always willing to help worthwhile students.  David was also a hard-working, respected member of the Data Processing Management Association (DPMA). The Squires Foundation was created in honour of David L. Squires by his DPMA peers to help students.

    The Squires Foundation was incorporated in 1994 to:

    1. Promote excellence in the study of informatics by individuals;
    2. Conduct or sponsor research in informatics education; and
    3. Sponsor informatics educational offerings to the public


    The Squires Foundation provides scholarships each year to students who:

    1. demonstrate significant financial need;
    2. are Canadian Citizens OR Landed Immigrants;
    3. are in a full-time Computer Science program at a University or College;
    4. have successfully completed 2 full semesters in this program; and,
    5. have reached a high level of scholastic achievement.

    A student must meet all the above requirements to qualify.

    How to Apply

    Go to  and select the Scholarship tab on the right side of the home page. The application is online. The deadline is October 31, 2021.

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  • Canada Games Research Spotlight: Poling Bork

    The Department of Computer Science is proud to share the news that Dr. Poling (Baoling) Bork is leading an app development team for the Canada Games.

    More details about the news and the app can be found at this link.

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  • COSC MSc student awarded Jack M. Miller Excellence

    Congratulations to Cody Dennis for winning the Jack M. Miller Excellence in Research Award.
    Only one such award is given to an MSc student in each faculty.
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