Advice to Applicants

  • Admissions are now closed for the 2022/23 academic year. Applications for 2023/24 will be accepted starting in autumn 2022.
  • Please be familiar with the minimal requirements for admission outlined on the Application Information page.  Satisfying the minimum requirements does not ensure admission.
  • Admission is highly competitive, and only a small number of applicants can be admitted out of the many who apply. Admission rates are typically 10% or less. Please do not contact the department to ask for reasons why you were not admitted. Many qualified applicants unfortunately cannot be admitted.   You can maximize your chances for admission to graduate school by applying to multiple universities.
  • International students are urged to read the page Financial Support.  The costs for international students are significantly higher than for domestic students, and the funding package will not be sufficient to cover all expenses.
  • Do not send your transcript, CV, or other documents with your email queries. They will not be read, as we do not pre-assess applicant qualifications. Your application will be assessed after your application has been completed on the online system.  (Only send these files if a potential supervisor specifically asks you for them.)
  • You should contact potential supervisors to inquire whether they are accepting new students before proceeding with your application.  Note that a positive response from a faculty member does not imply that you will be admitted.
  • Do not forget to fill in and upload the department’s research statement form in your online application. You should keep your research statement brief and to the point, and no longer than one page of text. The statement should be written by yourself.
  • Applicants will not be admissible if they have previously obtained an MSc in computer science or related areas.