Peer mentor program profiled in University Affairs

Don’t miss the February 12 edition of University Affairs, covering the Department’s amazing peer mentor program:

“It’s a nice opportunity to get that [teaching] experience working with students in developing their writing skills,” he says.

Both Dr. Nickel and Mr. Romen believe that the program helps create a community among classics students, especially since first- and second-year students tend to be more comfortable talking to their peer mentors than they are seeking out their professors. “From my experience, a lot of students are kind of nervous, talking to their profs,” Mr. Romen says. “We’re a little bit less intimidating, mostly because we are undergraduate students [too].”

Thanks to this year’s peer mentors, Sarah Murray, Liz Hoffer, Michael Romen, Julie Simmonds, Serenity Poirier, and Emily Jackson! We’re so grateful for all of your hard work.