Departmental Library

The Department of Classics and Archaeology is fortunate to have a small library and reading room in GLB 335 that houses a variety of print resources for student and faculty research and study.

Included in the collection are:

  • specialized dictionaries in Latin and ancient Greek as well as modern languages such as French, Italian, and German
  • a nearly complete collection of Loeb Classical Library texts (bilingual Latin-English and Greek-English editions of prose and verse authors)
  • a number of fundamental scholarly works in ancient history, art and archaeology, epigraphy, and literary studies, including standard reference works such as the Oxford Classical Dictionary, Barrington Atlas, and A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome
  • core texts used in courses offered in the Department
  • publications by department faculty

In addition to the over 400 print volumes spanning many areas of study in the ancient Mediterranean world, the library also has substantial runs of several journals including the American Journal of Archaeology, Hesperia, L’Année Épigraphique, Phoenix, and Transactions of the American Philological Association.

The collection does not circulate and is for use only in GLB 335. Undergraduate students or visitors who wish to make use of the library during regular business hours should contact the Administrative Assistant in advance. Searchable catalogues of the collection can be accessed on the desktop computer in GLB 335 or by downloading the files here: