Mensa Latina

The Mensa Latina (which means ‘Latin Table’) is an informal gathering of students who want to learn more about Roman culture and the Latin language.

Started during the 2021-22 academic year by Professors Fanny Dolansky and Sarah Parker, the Mensa Latina aims to introduce students to a variety of topics not covered in classes or only touched on briefly in courses on Roman history or Latin. Past sessions have focused on petkeeping; play and games; manuscripts and paleography; jokes and humour; Roman naming conventions; and Latin funerary inscriptions. The Mensa Latina normally meets once a month for an hour and has attracted students from Classics and Archaeology as well as MARS who range from first-year students to graduate students — and occasionally some alumni too! No formal knowledge of Latin is required, and everyone is welcome.

If you are interested in learning more about the Mensa Latina or want to suggest topics for future sessions, please contact Prof. Dolansky — or attend one of the upcoming sessions this term when we’ll read some of Catullus’ poetry on love and loss and learn more about late first-century CE Rome through Martial’s witty epigrams.