Course Descriptions

Below are descriptions of courses offered in the department with specific information for course offerings for the current academic year (instructors indicated in brackets).


FALL TERM (D2) 2023

CLAS 5V28: Archaeological Ethics (Elizabeth S. Greene)

Ethical, legal, and practical dimensions of Classical archaeology. Topics include looting and the antiquities trade, maritime archaeology and treasure hunting, archaeology as a profession, educational outreach, and museum exhibition.

CLAS 5V57: Slaves and Slavery in the Greek World (Allison Glazebrook)

Theoretical approaches to, practices of and attitudes toward slavery, and the experiences of enslaved people and enslavers.

LATI 4P05/5V05: Caesar’s Gallic Wars (Fanny Dolansky)

Readings from Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars, including an overview of scholarship.


CLAS 5V30: Topography and Monuments of Rome (Carrie Murray)

Development of Rome, including infrastructure and major monuments, using literary and archaeological sources; the methodological challenges of integrating material and literary sources.

CLAS 4V57/5V75: Helen of Troy (Adam Rappold)

Representations of one of the most iconic and polarizing figures of the ancient Greco-Roman world through myth, literature, and art. Evidence for the cult of Helen will also be considered.

GREE 4P11/5V11: Pseudo-Demosthenes’ Against Neaira (Allison Glazebrook)

Reading of Pseudo-Demosthenes’ Against Neaira, including an overview of scholarship.

LATI 4P01/5V23: Catullus (Fanny Dolansky)

Readings in the poetry of Catullus, including an overview of scholarship.