Student Resources

The Department of Classics and Archaeology is committed to providing students in our program with resources to help them succeed. In this section you will find information about our current courses, what to expect from department life, who to go to for academic advice, study resources, and more.

I am interested in classics and archaeology, what are my options?

Take a look at the Programs page for information about our Undergraduate and MA Programs. You can also schedule a meeting with our Academic Advisor or Undergraduate Program Officer.


What classics and archaeology courses are on offer this year?

You can find a list of our current offerings on our Programs page. A preview of next year’s courses is usually available in April and can be obtained from our Administrative Assistant upon request (please bear in mind that this is a draft document and subject to change).


What kinds of student support are offered by the department?

Brock University receives consistently high ratings for mental health support and student satisfaction. In the Department of Classics and Archaeology we contribute to this by providing a friendly and accessible learning environment to all our students. Departmental life offers many opportunities to make connections with other students in the program, faculty, and alumni. Transitioning to university or a new program can sometimes be difficult, so incoming Majors are paired with a CLAS Buddy who can help answer questions about living locally, university life, or just be a familiar face at one of our many events. Help with courses is also available through our Peer Mentors, senior students who can coach you with essay-writing, study habits, and introductory Greek or Latin.


What professional opportunities does the department provide?

Throughout the year, the Department of Classics and Archaeology provides opportunities to connect with experts in the field through its Research Seminar Series and AIA lecture program. These meetings are an important part of developing a professional network. Students are notified about these events via CLASroom, an online site for all Classics Majors and Minors at Brock. Skills-based workshops (e.g. archaeological illustration), field schools, and employment opportunities in Cultural Resource Management (CRM) are also publicised on this platform.

Research and Academic Skills Resources

The following is a list of resources you may find helpful:

Professional Resources

There are a number of professional organisations in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom that focus on classics and archaeology. They offer a wide range of resources including scholarships, information on summer schools, and placement services.