Elizabeth S. Greene

Associate Professor, Maritime Archaeology, Greek Art and Archaeology

BA, MA, PhD (Princeton)

Phone: 905 688 5550 x5373
Fax: 905 984 4859
Email: esgreene@brocku.ca

2020-2021 teaching: CLAS 4P28/5V28: Archaeological Ethics (fall); CLAS/VISA 3P24: Art and Architecture of Early Greece (fall); CLAS/VISA 3P25: Art and Architecture of Classical Greece and the Hellenistic World (winter).

My research concerns seaborne mobility and interaction across the Mediterranean, focusing on material evidence for long-term processes of trade and exchange, fishing traditions and communities, and human migration. In Turkey and Sicily I have conducted archaeological field research and heritage work on shipwrecks, port sites, and maritime landscapes ranging from Archaic to contemporary. I served as the Archaeological Institute of America’s Vice President for Cultural Heritage (2017-2020) and am now its First Vice President.

“Entangled mobilities across the Mediterranean: archaeologies of migrant displacement,” my current SSHRC-funded project, takes a heritage-based and collaborative approach to the abandoned and impounded ships that carried displaced peoples across the central Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe. This grew out of my work since 2013 directing heritage and outreach initiatives as part of the Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project’s investigations along southeast Sicily, including excavation of a 6th-century CE shipwreck carrying a massive cargo of architectural marble. The research framework considers the ongoing “re-makings” of the central Mediterranean over millennia of human activity, and the public communication of this heritage. In Turkey, my ongoing projects address maritime networks and the emergence of ancient economies through the Archaic shipwrecks at Pabuç Burnu (6thc. BCE) and Kekova Adası (7thc. BCE) and the Classical to Hellenistic harbors at Burgaz on the Knidos Peninsula.

My commitment to a framework of Mediterranean archaeology that is inclusive, comparative, and global in its outlook extends to my teaching and advising, which focus on a broad range of topics involving Greek art and archaeology, maritime archaeology, archaeological ethics, museums and heritage, as well as ancient economies and Mediterranean connectivity. Students with interests in these and related fields are encouraged to consider the Department of Classics at Brock.

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